Friday, May 11, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Friday, May 11, 2012


RATING THE ROMNEY RESPONSE, Will his apology quiet critics, or provide fresh fodder?: Anderson's follow up with James Carville, Erick Erickson & Gloria Borger


J.P.MORGAN CHASE LOSES $2 BILLION, Company CEO fierce critic of Dodd-Frank Act: Anderson's follow up with Barney Frank, (D) Massachusetts

HOW THEY GOT HIM: A report by Anderson Cooper

MAYES MANHUNT ENDS IN MISS. WOODS, Retracing the final moments of fugitive's life: Report by and follow up with Martin Savidge

MAYES MANHUNT ENDS IN MISS. WOODS, Sister-in-law speaks out: Anderson's interview with Bobbi Booth, Adam Mayes' sister-in-law

RESTRICTING GAY "THERAPY": Report by Anderson Cooper

RESTRICTING GAY "THERAPY", Treatment is often connected to religion: Report by Randi Kaye

RESTRICTING GAY "THERAPY", Calif. bill targets controversial treatment: Anderson's follow up with Ryan Kendall (Received reparative therapy) and Dr. Jack Drescher (Wrote and edited books on gender & sexuality)


THE RIDICULIST: Shows That Book Kids For Live TV

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Anonymous said...

There was a good variety of stories Friday.

I missed most of the first segment. Shortly after I tuned in Anderson put poll results up on the screen, the question was something like 'Are you more or less likely to vote for Obama after his statement in favor of gay marriage?' The results were 10-something% more likely, 20-something% less likely and 60% said it made no difference.

I'm in that 60% and ditto for most of the people I know. Gay marriage just isn't a big deal. If gays want to get married, fine go ahead and do that. Now how about some jobs and cutting the deficit!

Three things irked me about the Randi Kaye report on reparative therapy for gays. First, it was a re-broadcast. Second, Anderson re-broadcast the entire report when he could have summed it up in half a minute and devoted more time to talking to the panel. And third, in the report Randi asked the therapist what he remembered about treating Ryan Kendall, the therapist didn't remember hardly anything but whatever happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? Why would Randi even ask such a question and why didn't the doctor respond 'I can't answer that due to patient/doctor confidentiality.'

I liked the banter between Anderson and Tom Foreman about running and marathons; it's awesome that a guy like Tom can run for 13 hours.

The Ridiculist was pretty good. I liked seeing the clip of Anderson subbing for Larry King when Nancy Grace was the guest. Nancy's twin toddlers are cute and i enjoyed watching Anderson cringe when the boy in front of him started bawling.

Would Anderson ever sub for Piers?


aries moon said...

In general it is probably not fair to judge someone based on their behavior when they were younger, but in terms of Romney, the type of "hijinks" he engaged in back then and his rather odd actions and statements as an adult speak to his character and not very favorably at that.

I like that Anderson has begun to do longer, in depth live interviews in the second half of the show (the Backpage and reparative therapy interviews). If this is a new development, I hope they keep up with it.

aries moon said...

I forgot to mention that I enjoyed seeing Barney Frank on the show discussing J.P. Morgan Chase, but I kind of wish he could've been in the discussion about Romney--I'm sure he'd have a few interesting things to say about him.

Anonymous said...

While President Obama may have said he is committed to "gay marriage," the reality of the situation is that half the country is not.
Just look at the North Carolina Amendment which passed over whelmingly and it would have passed anyway no matter what Presient Obama said or didn't say.
You cannot change the minds of people who have religous beliefs or who are intolerant and you cannot legislate them to think the way in which you'd like them to think.
The word "marriage" is the issue at hand and the President would never pass legislation to make this the "law of the land."
It would be political suicide for his Party and he knows it all to well.

Anonymous said...

Making gay marriage the "law of the land," is like the enacting of the Civil Rights Legislation, under the Johnson Administration.
Johnson was opposed to it himself, at the time. The South hated him for it, and never got over it.
And until recently, South Carolina was known to have flown the Confederate flag over its Capitol building.
So in retrospect, you cannot legislate people's feelings, especially if it only fosters ill will.
Only with a passage of time do things actually change for the better, if at all.