Friday, May 04, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360 Friday, May 4, 2012

IS BACKPAGE.COM SEX TRADE CENTRAL?, Backpage, "We're not in the prostitution business: Report by Deborah Feyerick
IS BACKPAGE.COM SEX TRADE CENTRAL?, Kristof, "Not just foreign women being smuggled into the U.S.": Anderson's follow up discussion with Nicholas Kristof and Kamala Harris, Attorney General, California

NEW JOB NUMBERS OUT TODAY, Public spit on who's better for economy: Anderson with Paul Krugman and David Gergen

COLOMBIAN ESCORT SPEAKS OUT, Dania Suarez says agents were drinking vodka "like water": Anderson with Rafael Romo, Senior Latin American Affairs Editor

FEDS INVESTIGATE POLICE SHOOTING OF RET. MARINE, Taser camera recorded moments before fatal gunshot: Report by Anderson Cooper
FEDS INVESTIGATE POLICE SHOOTING OF RET. MARINE, Officers were dispatched to help after medical alert went off: Anderson's follow up with Mark Geragos, Marcia Clark & Lou Palumbo, Fmr. Police Officer

EXOTIC ANIMALS RETURNED TO OHIO FARM, Man released 50 animals before committing suicide last October: Report by and follow up with Jason Carroll

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

THE RIDICULIST: Pot-Centric 911 Calls

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Anonymous said...

I missed all the important stuff in Friday's 360. Tuned in 4 minutes late and couldn't figure out why was the lead story. I was even more confused when Anderson introduced the panel and added that he interviewed them "earlier in the week." Not "earlier today" or "yesterday" but who knows how many days this story was sitting on the back burner until a slow news day came along?

It's great to be concerned about prostitution, human trafficking and minors in the sex industry but shutting down the adult services section of isn't going to change anything. Plenty of other sites on the internet but great advertising for on 360.

Due to finishing cooking I was in and out a lot and also missed most of the political discussion and the start of the murder-by-cop-Chamberlain story. The Feds will investigate? Very important news for the family but I didn't think it needed another long segment.

The reports about the Columbian Secret Service escort and the wild animals were pretty good. I was still stuck wondering about the report, when and how it was put together and why it was first. Later I'll check the transcript for answers.


Anonymous said...

No mention of his appearance on David Letterman's show Fri night?

aries moon said...

The only reason I could imagine they would make the Backpage story the lead report is because it's a provocative story and there were a lot of pics of scantily clad women and 360 is having major ratings problems, I guess it's an attention getter, but it probably won't work for them. I didn't think it fit for the top story.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza Not sure why was the lead story, but it was taped Thursday, so it wasn't days old. Nicholas Kristof is a great guest and people that follow him know he's done a lot of reporting on human trafficking abroad. The 360 website had it as Thursday's lead topic, but it must have been bumped for the awful War on Women opening mess.

I was happy that AC360 had Paul Krugman on. He's an intelligent guest. David Gergen I could do without these days. Paul pushed back so it was a pretty good segment. (No Ari Fleischer - thank you.) Paul is often a guest on This Week on Sunday mornings and I enjoy his perspective.

There was new video released in the Chamberlain story and I found this segment interesting compared to Thursday night's way too long coverage of the topic.

At Anon - Anderson's appearance on David Letterman will be posted soon.