Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Thursday, May 10, 2012


KEEPING THEM HONEST, Romney: "Full Equality?": Report by Anderson Cooper
BATTLE OVER SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, Romney: "Full Equality?": Anderson's follow up with Kevin Madden and Paul Begala

(PRESIDENT)OBAMA SUPPORTS SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, Bond: "Thrilled and excited" by President's new position: Anderson's interview with Julian Bond

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Vet's Charity Rip-Off?: Report by Anderson Cooper
VETERANS CHARITY UNDER SCRUTINY, Spokesman: President's e-mail, Facebook accounts hacked: Anderson's follow up with Drew Griffin and J.D. Simpson, President, Three Hots and a Cot

THE JOHN EDWARDS TRIAL, Prosecutors rest their case: Anderson and Joe Johns reporting

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Is a brothel?: Report by Anderson Cooper
PROFITS & PROSTITUTION, made almost $27M in ads last year: Anderson's follow up interview with Liz McDougall, Lawyer for Village Voice Media


BREAKING NEWS, FUGITIVE ADAM MAYES KILLED, Two girls found alive: Anderson reports with Martin Savidge on phone and Sunny Hostin in studio

Anderson was back live for the first 10 minutes of the 10:00PM hour to update the breaking news. He was joined by Martin Savidge on the phone, Sunny Hostin in the studio and Bobbi Booth, Sister-in-law of Adam Mayes, also on the phone.

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Anonymous said...

Thursday's 360 was a good one up to a certain point. The opening segment about Romney's position on gay marriage and his fuzziness about "full equality" was certainly worthwhile. I felt a little bad for the Republcan strategist Madden because he struggled once or twice trying to make sense of Romney's comments.

The segment on the crooked Disabled Veterans National Foundation with Drew Grifin and the honest vets organization guy was also very good.

While I don't like the attention given to (free advertising anyone?), I commend the lawyer for going on 360 and answering questions. However, some of Anderson's questions were kind of dumb - like when asking about making money from the 'Adult Services' ad. Yup, Anderson, they want to make money just like CNN wants to make money. Regarding the Minnesota girl who was pimped on the website, that's terrible but that guy would have found another way to pimp her online even if never existed. Anderson just seemed righteous and indignant that people are using to prostitute. Getting rid of 'Adult Services' on isn't going to make prostitution go away. There are better ways of combatting these activities than going after a website.

The Breaking News about Mayes replaced The Ridiculist. Okay but all of Anderson's 'uhs" and "ums" in this unplanned piece bothered me. I probably would have done worse but then again I'm not a professional newscaster.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I am over all of the bickering back and forth over who did what back when. BOTH Romney and Obama have flip flopped on same sex marriage. Obama has done it way many more times than Romney. In 1996 he said he was for SSM, then turned around in 1998 and said well, I'm undecided, then in 2004 he said he was NOT a supporter of gay marriage, in 2006 he said he remains "open" about the possibility of SSM, then in 2008 he said marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman, so he was yet again AGAINST it, he even stated his approval of DOMA that same year and how it should stay intact!

So what does it matter? To me it looks like BOTH men lie just to get votes.

We need to get back to what really matters, the economy, people with no jobs, our budget and national debt, etc. How are both men going to fix those? Same sex marriage may be important for some but right now we have issues that are far worse and affect WAY more people. These subjects need taken care of now.

I'm over the bickering every night on 360. I want to see where Obama and Romney stand on these issues. Mr. Cooper and crew need to dig into that and stop with all the sensationalism!

Claire said...

@ 10:35am - President Obama says he did not fill out that questionnaire in 1996 when he was my state senator that says he supports SSM. The first public statement he made on this issue was in 2004 which he believed marriage was between a man and woman, but supported civil unions. He has basically said the same thing until the announcement he just made. You'd have to go a long way to find anyone to compete with the master flip flopper Romney is.

President Obama has laid out his approach on the budget and on reducing the deficit. Go to and you can read it all, including the Jobs act.

Romney has laid out that he totally supports Paul Ryan's approach to budget and deficit issues. You can read that online also. Romney has not laid out any specifics on just how he would create jobs, which I'm really interested in hearing since he spent most of his time at Bain Capital firing people. The state of MA came in 47 out of 50 in job creation while he was governor. So yes, I'd really love to hear his ideas.