Friday, May 04, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360 Thursday, May 3, 2012

KEEPING THEM HONEST, WAR ON WOMEN?!: Report by Anderson Cooper

WAR ON WOMEN?!, ad slams Republicans: Anderson Cooper's interview with Justin Ruben, Executive Director,
Follow Up: Hilary Rosen and Ari Fleischer

WORLD VIEW, Activist Appeals to U.S. For Help: Report by Anderson Cooper
CHEN SEEKS U.S. ASSISTANCE, Chen: "I believe they will help me": Anderson's follow up with Stan Grant
CHEN SEEKS U.S. ASSISTANCE, Gergen, honor of U.s. is at stake: Anderson's follow up with Daivd Gergen and Nicholas Kristof, Columnist, The New York Times

RETIRED MARINE SHOT & KILLED BY POLICE, Chamberlain's medical alert device went off: Report by and discussion with Soledad O'Brien
Follow Up: Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr. (Son of police shooting victim) on phone and Randolph McLaughlin, Newman Ferrara LLP
Continued follow up with Paul Callan Fmr. New York Homicide Prosecutor



An open letter to Anderson Cooper,

We’d like to offer some unsolicited advice about your ‘War on Women’. Sweetie you can’t afford to alienate any of the few loyal viewers you have left, so jump down off your band wagon and let it go. ~ The ATA Team

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Anonymous said...

ROTFALMAO! You ladies always hit the nail squarely on the head.

Olga O. said...

Can I add my name to that open letter too? I have stuck with Cooper from Katrina to the talk show but I'm about done. He just has to be right, doesn't matter that he's offending a good portion of the female population.

aries moon said...

There was a moment during the MoveOn interview when Anderson said that he didn't deny that there's a war on women and that it's a worthwhile discussion to have. Will HE do that or will he just continue to parse and nitpick and overlook the larger issue which is how Republicans are attempting to decimate women's health rights across the country. He may not want to be characterized as a GOP mouthpiece but he's coming off like that more and more these days.

Anonymous said...

Ari Fleischer is an condescending ass that spouts inaccuracies night after night, and Anderson lets him ramble on without regard for the other guest. Perhaps it may serve viewers better if Anderson did a "Keeping Them Honest" segment on Fleischer's statements!

Both Hilary and the gentleman from told Anderson the discussion he was having was missing the point and not what they should be talking about, but Anderson accused the rep as having and agenda -- and AC360 didn't?

I did see Anderson prefaced the segment, so something tells me he maybe knew he was going where he shouldn't go, but he did it anyway. Not sure it that means it was CNN directed or what. It is the slant all of CNN seems to be taking - thus their sucky ratings across the board. It still makes him look bad and clueless b/c his name is on the program.

I was happy to see Nick Kristof on the program - he's a bright, intelligent guest. I could have done without David Gergen.

I guess CNN is trying to prop up Soledad's failing program by giving her airtime on AC360? Another thing that is the matter with AC360's content - CNN often uses it to promote other CNN programs.

Anonymous said...

I missed the first 11 or 12 minutes of Thursday's 360 and missed the relevant part of the "War on Women" segment. When I tuned in Fleischer and Rosen were talking about the budget and tax cuts. Nevertheless, I agree with ATA's note to Anderson.

Although there was some new news concerning the cop who killed Marine vet Chamberlain, most of the real long segment simply rehashed the whole case. Maybe Anderson could have cut this down to a few minutes and spend the rest of the time talking about World Press Freedom Day (which he mentioned before the start of the first Bulletin) and reviewed how freedom of the press is heavily restricted in some parts of the world.

I enjoyed The Shot of the lion and the baby who must have looked like a zebra to the lion. The Ridiculist was pretty good, Anderson made an excellent point when suggesting Limbaugh should head to the gym.


Anonymous said...

I normaly do not watch or listen to CNN. But it is refreshing to listen to a reporter questioning someone like Justin Rubin and have them prove thier point rather than giving a one sided opinion. When reporters dont take sides or lean right or left it refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Good for you ATA Team.
Yes, I too was offended and have been offended every nite Anderson has insisted on taking this course.
What is wrong with him?
Doesn't he know that most of his viewers are female?
Well maybe he doesn't but I say boycott 360 and let him know where we stand.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's ratings have been deplorable.
What is wrong with him?
Why disrespect the hand that literally "feeds you Cooper?"
Totally agree ATA Team but doubt if he reads this blog.