Friday, May 11, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Anderson: Anderson's Mother's Day Show with Gloria Vanderbilt / Plus, Chandra Wilson, Jessica Alba and Their Moms

TOPIC: Mother's Day
Guests: *Gloria Vanderbilt
*Chandra Wilson
*Wilma Bradshaw Allen, Chandra Wilson's Mother
*Alondra, Claudette's daughter & Andre's half sister
*Tory Dunn, "The Locator"
*Andre, Claudette's biological son
*Stephanie Nielson, burned over nearly 40% of her body (along with her husband and five kids)
*Jessica Alba
*Cathy Alba, Jessica Alba's Mother

Blogger's note: Today's segment with Anderson and his mother, Gloria, will be part of our Sunday post in honor of Mother's Day.

For additional clips and information on today’s show, please visit by clicking on the hotlink below.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked that Gloria was on the show today. I thought it was funny when Anderson brought out another cardboard cutout for her.

aries moon said...

Anderson and his mother both seem very proud of each other and watching how they interact together is always enjoyable for me.

Anonymous said...

Andy Cohen had his mother on this past week on Watch What Happens Live, and she was a hoot. She tended bar.
This was the first time I've seen her on his talk show.
The difference is that Anderson continually has his mother on in search of viewers.
It's one thing to have a family member on once in a while, but to do it repeatedly for one purpose is wrong and unappealing.

Anonymous said...

Anderson keeps saying his mother doesn't want gifts anymore, but he
never asks her why, at least not publically.
If he's going to share, he should do so more openly.
It may be because as people age, as his mother has, they don't want to collect things because they feel they will only have to dispose of them sooner rather than later.
It would be interesting to hear her answer.