Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Anderson: Bridezilla Intervention with Kim Zolciak / Tennis Champion Serena Williams

TOPIC: Bridezilla
Guests: *Elissa, Bridezilla with outrageous demands
*Desirae, Overwhelmed bridesmaid who wants help
*Brent, Engaged to a bridezilla (Elissa) from audience
*Brady, Her friend is a bridezilla
*Kim Zolciak, Star of Bravo's "Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding"
*Kristin Van Ogtrop, Managing Editor at Real Simple magazine (from audience)

TOPIC/Guest: Serena Williams

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I like Kim Zolciak on the show. She seemed more normal today than she ever has on RHOATL. That bridezilla was way out of control. I can't believe her bridesmaids are putting up wit her.

Anonymous said...

Kim Zolciak should have been given more time.
Andy Cohen has given her her own show. So if he sees something interesting and appealing about her, even if she does have a foul mouth at times, than the least Anderson could have done was to have shown more clips of why she has become someone to watch.
Her two daughters have become lovely young ladies inspite of her permissiveness and that in itself, is an accomplishment today.
And the man she married, is young, handsome, homespun, and wealthy.
All the HWOA, including NENE, are envious and they should be.

aries moon said...

The only part of the show that interested me was the Serena Williams segments.