Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Anderson: Exclusive: Husband of the Bride Who Faked Cancer / Elizabeth Smart / 'Idol' Castoff

TOPIC/Guest: Elizabeth Smart (via satellite from St. Louis, Mo

TOPIC: American Idol Castoff
Guests: Skyler Lane, Was voted off "American Idol"

TOPIC: The Truth Behind Deception
Guests: *Michael O'Connell, Ex-wife lied about having cancer
*Keri Ciastko, Fell for fake cancer scam
*Lisa Stoker, Scammed into donating flowers
*Rachel Taylor, Scammed into donating wedding dress
*Brenda Johnson, Donated plane vouchers to Michael & Jessica (from audience)
*Tom Kavanagh, Donated wedding rings to Michael & Jessica (from audience)
*Amy Drescher, Licensed Private Investigator
*Diann Cattani, Scammed $500K from former employer

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1 comment:

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The woman who lied about having cancer to get free stuff for her wedding is a horrible person. You don't pretend to be sick like that. And her ex is an idiot for standing by her.