Sunday, May 06, 2012

Anderson Cooper & Michael Phelps

Anderson sat down with Michael Phelps, his coach and his mom to chronicle what Phelps has been up to since the 2008 Olympics and his preparation for the 2012 games this summer in London.

60 Minutes Overtime ~

AC vs Phelps: The 2012 rematch
Four years ago, Anderson Cooper challenged Olympic champion Michael Phelps to a one-lap race. Anyone want to guess how that went? (Imagine competing against a dolphin.)

Even with a significant handicap--Phelps wasn't allowed to dive in, take strokes or breaths--the swimming phenom easily swept past our brave correspondent.

This week, they meet again for a rematch (oh, and also for a 60 Minutes story about Phelps' preparation for the summer Olympics in London... but enough about that.) This time, The Olympian and The TV Reporter face off on dry land, where Mr. Phelps loses some degree of advantage.

As you'll see, Anderson takes an early lead. Then things get interesting. Can Anderson Cooper finally win one for Team 60 Minutes?

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Anonymous said...

Anderson got a 285 on Friday.
That was his toal folks on 360.
So I'm the ONLY ONE who isn't watching?????
Please and he thinks having a female host will help his day gig.
If he had God seated next to him, it wouldn't help.

Anonymous said...

Just read an article in the NY Times that CBS/60 Minutes would like Anderson full time, but he's currently under contract with CNN through next year.

A highly rated, reputable news program wants him on their staff. Their ratings are growing this year in the target demographic and overall viewership, which is great for a news program these days. Apparently they see something in Anderson that many posting here don't.

And don't forget, even Mike Wallace did celeb pieces on 60 Minutes. He stole the Barbara Streisand interview from a colleague - he wanted it that badly.

I enjoyed Anderson's report on Michael Phelps and how he's delt with fame and is now devoted to the 2012 games in London. The Overtime was pretty interesting, too.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:24 - But his live hour at 8pm beat the Ed Show in the all important demo.

Didn't realize this was a post about ratings, thought it was a post about his 60 Minutes piece, which I enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

Inspite of what the NYT article says, their ratings are no higher with or without Anderson.
And CBS is part of the family of CNN, are they not?
So while they may want him full time, it will be of no advantage.
He may have to do some work, like reporting in foreign places.
You know "real leg work."

Anonymous said...

Anderson has done less and less for 60 Minutes and the reporters are getting older.
Personally I don't see him doing it full time.
It is obvious those reporters travel and he wouldn't have time to promote himself.
Sanjay would be a great contributor however.
He's a doctor and has contributed on many of Anderson's pieces.
But than President Obama wanted Sanjay as well because of his expertise and Sanjay turned the President down.
Does President Obama want Anderson?

Anonymous said...

1:57AM: Everything is about ratings in television.
Andy Cohen's venture into the housewife franschise is about success and ratings.
His books is about sales and profit.
Translation is: I put Bravo on the map because I got good ratings.
Now I have a talkshow and a book about "how I got ratings."
CBS supposedly wants Anderson to bring them ratings on 60 Minutes.
Personally, I think 60 Minutes was in the top 10 because viewers wanted to see Michael Phelps again and anybody could have reported the segment. People are hungry for news and sports.