Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper phones into CNN Newsroom Sunday & AC360 Live from Syria/Turkey Border on Monday

Anderson phoned into the first half hour CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield today, with his first report from the Syria/Turkey boarder ~

Anderson has been tweeting about his trip ~

The following commercial has been airing on CNN this weekend ~

And this press release was issued today ~

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Syria/Turkey Border on Monday, May 14th

In a display of the program’s continuing commitment to covering the ongoing crisis in Syria, Anderson Cooper 360° will air live from the Syria/Turkey border on Monday, May 14th on CNN/US and CNN International. Anchor Anderson Cooper will be joined by Ivan Watson, CNN’s Istanbul based correspondent. The show will focus on the plight of the nearly 70,000 Syrian refugees, 23,000 of whom are now living in camps just over the border in Turkey, as well as the continued threat of cross border violence by Syrian troops.

Cooper will interview Senator John McCain who has passionately taken up the cause of the refugees and recently visited the camps. Also joining the 360° team on location will be Fouad Ajami, a senior fellow with Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

Amen, looks like the Andy of old may have returned. Can't wait for tomorrow night's show, will even take 5 minutes of field Andy over an hour of pundits.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely fantastic that Anderson will be doing some field reporting. Will it only be Monday's 360? Given how difficult it is to get to that area, I'd think it would be worthwhile to spend more than one day there.

It's also great that Sen. McCain wants to help the refugees, wonder if he still believes in helping the rebels inside Syria and if he has come up with any ways that can be done.

"Live" from the Syrian border will be about 4 AM local time, right?


aries moon said...

I could do without Fouad Ajami, but I'm glad to see that Anderson has finally made it into Syria and look forward to the reporting from there.

Anonymous said...

So Anderson gets to speak to John McCain in Syria, a bitter old man, who he should have and could have spoken to, right here in the USA.
Doesn't anybody else think that's strange?
Guess not because nobody will get to read this post because of the "hint of negativity."
I might as well be writing it in Syria.
ATA Team: How does it feel to supress written material in a free country?

The ATA Team said...

@anonymous 7:34: "All comments are posted at the discretion of the moderator." You must have missed that when you read over ATA's rules on commenting?