Saturday, May 05, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 5/7/12

Monday, May 7
GCB’s Kristen Chenoweth Co-Hosts
Emmy® Award-winning actress Kristen Chenoweth co-hosts an episode of ANDERSON and analyzes if beautiful people have it easier. In a provocative social experiment, ANDERSON’s hidden cameras capture how everyday people respond to women of different shapes and sizes. Find out how to overcome the beauty bias.

Tuesday, May 8
The Truth Behind Deception
ANDERSON investigates stories of ultimate deception. The betrayed husband, whose bride pretended to have cancer to pay for their wedding shares his story. Plus, ANDERSON’s cameras follow a private investigator to help a wife find out if her husband has been unfaithful.

Wednesday, May 9
DALLAS’ Linda Gray and Josh Henderson. Plus Kelly Osbourne and Lady Antebellum
ANDERSON speaks with DALLAS cast members Linda Gray and Josh Henderson about the reboot of the popular series and what viewers can expect from the new show. The polygamist family from SISTER WIVES joins ANDERSON to reveal secrets from series’ upcoming season. Then, in a candid interview, Kelly Osbourne tells ANDERSON how she overcame substance abuse. Plus, Grammy® Award-winning band, Lady Antebellum, surprises one of their biggest fans.

Thursday, May 10
Susan Sarandon & Kelly Cutrone
PR queen and TV personality Kelly Cutrone explains what every parent needs to know before pursuing a modelling career for their child. Then, Academy® Award-winning actress and activist, Susan Sarandon (The Lovely Bones), reflects on her modelling career and reveals why she allowed her daughter to pursue an acting career. Sarandon also discusses her passion to end human sex trafficking of children.

Friday, May 11
GREY’S ANATOMY’s Chandra Wilson
ANDERSON celebrates Mother’s Day with his mom Gloria Vanderbilt, Chandra Wilson – who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on GREY’S ANATOMY and Jessica Alba (Sin City) along with their moms.

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Kas said...

I don't get what's the point of having 4 topics in one episode. An hour long show has a running time of about 43 minutes. And then when you subtract intros you now have around 40 minutes. So 10 minutes per guest. Or in his shows case it will be divided up unevenly. Why?


Anonymous said...

Kas, I think the reason for multi-topc shows is to appeal to more people. If you don't like Linda Grey, maybe you'll tune in for Lady Antebellem. If you don't like either of them maybe you turn on the show for 'The Ssiter Wives.'

It's an attempt to get more viewers but as you've pointed out the time for each topic is short. There's not enough time for a thoughtful in-depth interviews or subjects. Anderson does one-topic shows occasionally but I haven't seen do an entire show on a topic I'm interested in. I loved seeing the former-Amish on 'Anderson' but discouraged they had so little time. And it was a subject that could have easily filled an hour.

But then if Anderson did have a whole hour on the ex-Amish he would have lost the Kelly Osbourne fans.

There have been some very good 'Anderson' shows but overall I don't think this is the "elevated" talk show Anderson envisioned last summer.