Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FACTS, A CAMPAIGN CASUALTY?, Misleading claims from both sides: Report by and discussion with Tom Foreman
Follow up discussion with: Anderson, Cornell Belcher & Kevin Madden

GRAPHIC TESTIMONY IN SANDUSKY TRIAL, "Victim #1" says he met Sandusky at age 11: Anderson's discussion with Jason Carroll, Jeff Toobin & Sara Ganim

SYRIAN CHILDREN CAUGHT IN CROSSFIRE, U.N. Report, Regime used children as human shields: Anderson's interview with Robert King, Photojournalist

SHOCKING SCHOOL THERAPY, Dr. Kraus compares JRC treatment to waterboarding: Anderson's follow up discussion with Dr. Louis Kraus and Michael Flammia

COLORADO WILDFIRE GROWS, Pres. Obama calls governor to pledge resources: Chad Meyers reports



Peter Beard, Anderson Cooper, former Tennessee Representative Harold Ford, Jr., Gordon Parks’ daughter Leslie Parks, Fab Five Freddy from Audrey’s Society Whirl: Gordon Parks Foundation honors Alicia Keys, Annie Leibovitz and Richard Plepler


2012 National Edward R. Murrow Award WinnersThe Radio Television Digital News Association has announced the 2012 National Edward R. Murrow Award winners. The awards honor excellence in electronic journalism.

Winners will be honored at an RTDNA gala in New York on October 8.

Video Feature Reporting
CBS News
60 Minutes: The Gardens of the Queen

60 Minutes wins 2012 Edward R. Murrow award

60 Minutes won for "The Gardens of the Queen" for Video Feature Reporting for the colorful story on ocean reefs and environmentalists' attempts to preserve them reported by Anderson Cooper, produced by Andy Court and Anya Bourg, and edited by Terry Manning.

You can view our post by clicking here.

In addition to Anderson's 60 Minutes segment winning, CNN won in the following category

Video News Series
Homs: City Under Siege

Special Reports from inside Homs, Syria, click here to watch the winning entry, shown on AC360.

Gloria Vanderbilt was in Toronto to attend Exile's Short Fiction Awards, A Celebration & Prize in memory of Carter V. Cooper ~

Gloria gave the following interview after the book reading on Monday evening ~

Shinan: No Grey for Gloria, even at 88

The woman who’s bedded both Brando and Sinatra, and who knows her way around a dirty novel, has only one sort of tsk-tsk for the all-out phenom that is Fifty Shades of Grey. And it’s pretty black and white.

“Badly written,” the great Gloria Vanderbilt said in Toronto the other night about the book series that occupies the Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 positions on the New York Times bestseller list. “I sent it back,” she went on, as various chuckles and head-nods echoed through the room. (Let’s hope she got her refund!)

In town to chat up her new short story collection, The Things We Fear the Most, and also to catch up with friends old and new — the tender diva lit up a little garden party here in Rosedale on Sunday — the 88-year-old author, artist, actress, socialite and jeans craze-starter was everything one would would expect from an 88-year-old author, artist, actress, socialite and jeans craze-starter (not to mention from the mother of dandy newsman Anderson Cooper, on whose daytime show she’s become quite the regular lately!).

Here at the Brigantine Room to talk prose and purpose as part of the authors’ series at Harbourfront, she was only an hour or so away — yet so far, far, far away, in other ways — from Grand Central, in Manhattan, where a grand bronze statue of her great-great-grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt, sits on the elevated roadway leading up to Park Avenue. Having seen and done it all — and that includes her own pretty successful sex novel, written at age 85! — the still-rosy heiress to a vast railroad fortune (but who made most of her own money through her jeans, and her fragrance) is a living testament to the old adage, “To be interesting, be interested.” Also, that other goody: “Only the boring are bored.”

Of her own foray into Fifty Shades of Grey territory a few years ago — although, clearly, she was going for more Buñuel than E.L. James — her son, Anderson, joked at the time, “The six most surprising words a mother can say to her son are, ‘Honey, I’m writing an erotic novel.’ ”

While promoting that book, Vanderbilt was labelled by Time as a “sexual guru to the post-menopausal,”
going as far as to tell the magazine, in an interview, “I do know some women who, as they get older, think that sex is over. And I think the quality gets better. I think as you get older, you really want more sensuality, more chocolate sprinkles and clouds from heaven. And not … quick.”

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was ridiculous. The discussion about the school that shocks kids went on WAY too long and was out of control. Anderson needs to try and control discussions a little better.

Anonymous said...

"not to mention the mother of the "dandy newsman, Anderson Cooper."
"Dandy indeed. Gee I wonder what that means?"
No longer the "star journalist?"
Have to say, Gloria's globe trotting keeps her young at 88.

aries moon said...

Good to see Anderson pushing back and challenging the GOP pundits a bit more on 360 than he normally does and he's let the Democratic representatives get in the last word for a change a couple of times which has been a little surprising. I'd like to see 360 do more on the voter fraud issue in Florida, there's an interview with AC and a conservative rep on CNN.com video, but I'd also like to hear from someone representing the Democratic POV since that appears to be the group the voter roll purge seems to be unfairly and possibly illegally targeting.

The Shocking School Therapy discussion got pretty heated--it's hard to see how this barbaric form of "therapy" could still be considered useful.

The "Gardens of the Queen" report on 60 Minutes was really a memorable piece by AC, the underwater shots were incredibly beautiful.

Gloria Vanderbilt's still going strong at 88, she seems to stay busy and vital.