Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 7/18/12

Follow up discussion with Dana Bash and Alex Seitz-Wald

ROMNEY'S DISCLOSURE DILEMMA Would releasing tax returns end the controversy?: Discussion with Ana Navarro, Gloria Borger and Ari Fleischer

ASSASSINATIONS ROCK SYRIAN CAPITAL Key members of Assad regime killed by bomb: Interview with Sander Van Hoorn

YOUR MONEY, THEIR COOKING CLASES GSA sent employees to culinary school: Report and follow up discussion with Drew Griffin

360 Bulletin: Deborah Feyrick

THE RIDICULIST: Hoff's Bandits

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Anonymous said...

It was a pretty good 360. Of course the lead story was Sen. McCain criticizing Rep. Bachmann for asking for an investigation of Muslim "infiltration" in U.S. government and singling out Huma Abeden. Anderson beautifully summed up why this is important, citing religious liberty and that Bachmann's flimsy "proof" could have consequences for U.S. foreign policy.

I was out of the room for part of the segment on Romney not disclosing his tax returns (and the transcript isn't up yet). Did anyone mention Romney criticizing his 2002 MA gubernatorial opponant Shannon O'Brien for not releasing her husband's tax returns? Several cites on the internet mention this and point out Romney, while criticizing O'Brien, never released his own tax returns.

I did catch the very last part of the panel when Borger was talking about Romney not releasing his tax returns due to "privacy concerns." What a bunch of BS. If you have concerns about your privacy, don't run for public office.

Drew Griffin's report on GSA employees wasting money was exellent but I couldn't help feeling sorry for some of those GSA employees; although it was bad to be partying like that on the taxpayer dime, who could have predicted that the video and their faces would make it onto CNN?


aries moon said...

When will the people of Minnesota recognize that Michelle Bachmann is a lunatic not fit to hold public office? AC's pretty fired up on this story.

If there was nothing wrong or perhaps illegal with Romney's tax returns, he would've put them out there. Contrary to Gloria Borger's claim that the Obama team is trying to paint Romney as a suspicious, untrustworthy character, the truth is that he's brought all that on himself.

Not an admirer of Drew Griffin and I just can't bring myself to watch any report by him.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the Ridiculist I couldn't help but think of a time, in the not too distant past when Anderson's cut out was everywhere, in airports, in bookstores and yes in the CNN store in the TWC(along with Blitzer and LK) People wouldn't steal them, but would have their picture taken with it. Good memories. And yes even Gloria had a conversation with one.

Anonymous said...

@Aries Moon - The people of Minnesota have elected two good senators - Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken. My own 4th district (St. Paul and some suburbs) representative is Betty McCollum and the 5th district (Minneapolis and some suburbs) has Keith Ellison.

Michele Bachmann's 6th district is the outer suburbs of Mpls & St. Paul and going into the rural area. I'm not going to diss rural Minnesota because they've elected some decent competent represenatives over the years.

However the 6th is in many ways the most redneck narrow-minded district, however, Bachmann won by only a narrow margin back in 2010. Perhaps this year more than 50% of the 6th will wise up and vote for Jim Graves.

This "muslim infiltration" fiasco maybe gets Bachmann out of office finally.