Friday, July 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Friday, July 13, 2012

With Anderson not anchoring AC360 tonight, we thought you might enjoy some new videos 'Anderson' posted this week. Anderson commented on various topics/questions; most dealt with ComiCon (it's this weekend in California), Embrace Your Geekiness Day (today/Friday) and what books he's currently reading ~

ComiCon, Collecting and Selling Comic Books, Favored Super Heroes

ComiCon Costume and wearing costumes as a child and "In college I had this idea that it would be fun to wear costumes to work, like a big bunny suit every day, just put your big bunny feet on the desk…"

Embrace Your Geekiness Day

What book(s) is Anderson currently reading

Perhaps this is a close as Anderson will get to dressing up in a giant bunny suit at work? Too bad he didn't get to put his big bunny feet on his desk, while in costume!

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Anonymous said...

Please forgive me for being so blunt, but what is the deal with Anderson Cooper? He was just off for 2 weeks (he showed up 1 night then called out sick), now this week 3 nights of work. A lot of people are out of work and he has two failing shows yet doesn't get let go from either one of them.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:07 I understand when people tune in and are disappointed when Anderson is not anchoring AC360, but he is entitled to his vacation time, the same as everyone else. Anderson was off 7 days for the 60 Minutes Botswana shoot - there was the 4th holiday in there and then back a night and then sick that Friday. Unfortunately, he's human and does get sick once in awhile.

He worked 4 days this week, while Thursday's AC360 was pre-taped, it was taped on Thursday as it included news that broke that morning - So Anderson worked Thursday, he just didn't anchor live at 8pmET. And yes, he was out tonight - I'm assuming another vacation day.

If you've followed Anderson a long time, then you will know that up until now he's taken off much less time than he typically does. He came back earlier than normal after New Year's, took off one day in February or March and then a week of vacation in April. Between the election coverage for CNN and his talk show taping, the times that Anderson can use his vacation time seems to be more narrow this year.

Compared to other years, at this time, he's used fewer of his vacation days - they just seem to have bunched up these last couple of weeks.

I don't begrudge Anderson (or anyone) their vacation time and it's between him and his boss when he takes it. My problem is when CNN slaps up a previously shown special. But tonight, they didn't do that - they actually had a sub anchor - though not one I care to watch.

I'm going to start lobbying for Tom Foreman in Anderson's absence or John King.

As to his shows; you need to look at his ratings with regard to all of CNN. His program is typically their top rated program. The whole network is in a massive decline and I'm sure morale can't be good when management is in denial and doing nothing to fix the problems. His talk show has been renewed for a second season and while the ratings weren't stellar, they were better than the other new syndicated shows introduced this last year. He's facing more competition this fall and that may change, but not sure why you are so quick to say he should be let go at CNN - what about Wolf, Piers, Erin and the others at CNN who have lower ratings than Anderson - and yes, they all seem to take a lot of vacation time, too.