Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anderson Cooper, Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anderson was back in Tampa tonight and opened CNN's RNC special coverage with Wolf Blitzer. CNN had people staged throughout the convention center and Anderson was in a sky box with his various panels, including Gloria Borger, Donna Brazile, Alex Castellanos, David Gergen, John King, James Carville, Roland Martin and Ari Fleischer.

Anderson in the convention center earlier today~

And with Univision America's Helen Aguirre Ferre last Sunday in Tampa~


While covering all of Anderson's reports from NOLA the last few days, we've collected a few extras to share ~


Stan Wilson, a CNN producer, tweeted this picture saying "Reuniting with @andersoncooper in #NOLA for #ISSAC. 7 years ago we covered Katrina along the Missiissippi coast."

and posted several photos of Anderson broadcasting from NOLA on Monday evening. Please click on the link to view the post with the gallery of all 18 photos.


Anderson was on with Dr. Drew and while we missed the original airing, we caught the repeat ~

Anderson posted a couple of photos to his Instagram account on Tuesday night ~

And tweeted ~


Jon Stewart couldn't help mention Anderson and Rob's coverage and poke a little fun at CNN ~


The Baltimore Sun published the following article praising Anderson's hurricane coverage CNN, Fox News get top grades for anticipating, covering Isaac
Anderson Cooper, Soledad O'Brien, Shepard Smith on the ground
Please click on link.

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - the last one from socialite life reminds me of the one used in the AC360 poster from Katrina, except Anderson is using a pen and notebook, not a hand held device - how times have changed.

All of the coverage by CNN was fantastic - Stewart's take on Rob and AC under the falling water was priceless.

aries moon said...

I had to tune out CNN's coverage of the RNC after watching Wolf and Erin, they were awful - MSNBC didn't gloss over the lies coming out of the RNC. I'll watch how CNN will cover the DNC, but I'm sure I won't be happy with any of it.

Great post with tons of pics and info.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch any convention coverage last night (Project Runway was on). Several places on the internet let me know I missed an amusing skit by Clint Eastwood and a chair. Some say he was deep in dementia, others say he was secretly a liberal operative working to unhinge everybody before Romney spoke.

Hope Anderson's on the job tonight even though it will be a lot of convention analysis.

Thanks for the extra Isaac photos and Jon Stewart's clip.


Anonymous said...

From the Baltimore Sun:"Cooper can be a little hot dog and show biz at times, but when he's on the ground he's superb."
Yes, I agree.
But mostly Anderson WANTS to be hot
dog and show biz and not superb and that's the problem, not only for him but for his viewers and CNN.
His show biz tendancies are now over shadowing the "superb" portion of his news coverage and viewers don't like change.
It reminds us of Geraldo Rivera who was never superb at anything but was all hot dog and show biz and is now at Fox, who always seems to get things just
right...and that is not a pun.

Anonymous said...

While the Baltimore Sun might have praised Anderson, his talkfest it would appear is no where in the daytime line up.
Delaware, the state in which I reside, is considered a secondary market, but it is close enough to NYC to receive shows like Katie and Ricki Lake, but NO Anderson.
This season Anderson Live is not being shown, I have read, in all markets.
Wonder why?

Parker said...

Watching some of the Republican Convention coverage this week, I couldn’t be more disgusted and disturbed by the content of most of the speakers. It really saddens me to see how divisive these Republicans are to spew such vitriol. I always knew American politics was a dirty sport, but to witness and watch American Republicans tear someone else down to elevate their own standings for political gain is absolutely despicable.

These Republicans claim to love America, yet clearly hate Americans who aren’t in lockstep with their skewed politics. The worst speaker of the bunch was the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich Thursday night. The pure venom with which he spoke was just unimaginable.

I’ve just returned from New York. Having travelled across the globe, and throughout my life, my love, my admiration for America has never wavered. Yet this week, it truly saddens me to say I lost respect for these American Republicans who so blatantly claim to pride themselves in being American & love America, yet deliberately tear their fellow Americans down without thought or consequence.

The world has always looked to America for leadership, guidance and direction. The world looks to America for peace and unity. Yet this week, Americans should be ashamed at the way they speak of each other’s politics and practices. They should be ashamed at the way many of their political leaders tear each other down in order to raise themselves up.
Mr Romey indicated Pres Obama began his time in office with an apology tour around the globe. It takes a bigger man to apologise for what his predecessors have done and what his Country has failed to do, then it does to boast of the resentment and division that stems within the American electorate.

Most Americans have a lot to proud of. Moments in time that will forever be engrained in History. This week, American political leadership should take a long hard look at themselves and do a lot of soul searching. It’s truly sad to see how disparaging, divisive and downright demeaning they can be of their fellow Americans. It breaks my heart to see the younger generation of Americans witness this kind of disgraceful and despicable display of American politics.

I found it interesting ALL the pundits, Journalists and Reporters indicated the speech Mr. Romney gave “humanized him”. Correct me if I’m wrong, never once in the almost 2 years of campaigning and 4 years in Office has any one had to “humanize President Obama”. Shouldn’t that speak volumes?

Anonymous said...

While I am in agreement with your eloquent candor about the Republicans, please note that President Obama will be fighting an uphill battle because of disappointment, not humanization, and it was that 'disappointment' that Romeny emphasized, and rightly so.
I am one of the many disenfranchised voters who will vote for President Obama, but not with the former zeal I once had.
He is looking at population of voters who feel very, very discouraged because of Obama's unrealistic disconnect.
His use of 'twitter' to show support for the teachers' union was in a word, a disgrace.
Unfortunately, there will be many teachers and other public servants who were so discouraged by his lack of empathy for their job security, that they will more than likely, not vote at all.
And sorry, President Obama deserves this back lash.
It was a very big mistake.