Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Anderson Cooper Tuesday 8/14/12

Soledad O'Brien was in the AC360 anchor chair again tonight while Anderson continues his vacation in Croatia.

Since the ATA Team wasn't lucky enough to be invited to cruise on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea, we're settling for a little beach time. We've got our flip flops, sunscreen and plenty of reading material; including this classic from
25 HOURS, April 10, 2005.

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Anderson's former television gig was the overnight shift on WNN at ABC. He was the focus of one of their news stories last night, and not in a good way.


Anderson posted an Instagram of the sunset

And also, of Andy Cohen, who is among those on the trip with AC.

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aries moon said...

I remember that 25 Hours article, I liked seeing Anderson's office and pics of his staff. I still love the old AC360 set that is pictured in the article--those were the good old days, so much has changed at CNN and with 360.

Croatia has to be a nice diversion for Anderson considering what's happening here at home--I have a feeling he held off on coming out for so long to avoid the type of thing that's happening with his personal life all over the news/net.

Anonymous said...

I suppose Ben is getting some short lived fame out of this if Anderson breaks up with him. And if they do get married, hopefully Anderson has a good prenup.

Karin Urban said...

I have followed the "Anderson and Ben"-Story on several websites and I am shocked by all the dirt that is flying around. Many claim that Anderson should comment on it, but why should he? This is a thing between the two and I don't think that the public has any business in this.

sandyeggo said...

Coop needs to stay away from Croatia (I've been there..it's a great place). If I recall correctly last time he went there he had to come home for Katrina.

Anonymous said...

Boy you ladies must be having a lot of fun on your summer vacation. You ran right out of your shoes. LOL

This is a good time to thank you all for all you do on this blog. All the work you do to bring us things that most of us don't take the time or even know how to find all the Anderson information.

Enjoy your time off you deserve it, even though you are not really off as you still are bringing us information

Thank you

sandyeggo said...

Oh, by the way..fyi...parts of the Game of Thrones were filmed in Croatia. Dubrovnik is a restored Medieval city partially destroyed in the "misunderstanding" in 1991 when Croatia declared her independence fom Yugoslavia. It has since been restored, in part, by the UN. Parts of the Stari Grad (old city) were used to represent King's Landing in the series..