Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday September 13, 2012

We begin tonight with special coverage of the anti-American wildfire that is now burning across the Arab world and now even beyond...some may simply be angry people who until now haven't had a target for their rage, but whatever the true motivation... ~ Anderson Cooper

BREAKING NEWS, TYRONE WOODS, FORMER NAVY SEAL, 4th victim killed in attack on Consulate in Benghazi, Libya: Report by Anderson Cooper

ANTI U.S. PROTESTS IN CAIRO, Unrest outside U.S. Embassy for more than 24 hours: Anderson with Ben Wedeman, Fran Townsand and Fouad Ajami

AMERICANS KILLED IN LIBYA, Security at U.S. Consulate in Benghazi collapsed: Anderson with Arwa Damon (by phone from Benghazi, Bob Baer (by phone) and Brig Gen David Grange, U.S. Army, Ret. (also by phone)

ANTI-ISLAM FILMMAKER IN HIDING, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has criminal past, many aliases: Report by and follow up discussion with Miguel Marquez

POLLS, OBAMA GAINS GROUND, Growing edge in some key swing states: Anderson with John King (at the magic wall), Daivd Gergen and Gloria Borger

WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT?: David Walker, Founder "Comeback America Initiative" talks the federal deficit

ANIT U.S. PROTESTS IN CAIRO, White House says U.S. Embarry staffers are safe: Anderson checks in with Ben Wedeman and David Kirkpatrick, in Cairo, Egypt



Anderson's interview with AJ Calloway aired on
EXTRA today ~

Anderson mentioned attending the event for his mom last night on 'Anderson Live' today and showed the following picture that appeared in the "Post" today ~

Gloria Vanderbilt, left, shares a moment with her son, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, at a preview party for an exhibit of her art in New York City. (The Huntsville Times/Pat Ammons)

Gloria Vanderbilt raises money for Huntsville Museum of Art
Please click on link for article from The Huntsville Times

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I missed the first 20 - 25 minutes of 360, only caught the last part of the Libya/Cairo report.

So Miguel Marquez is at the alleged residence of the controversial Mohammed film-maker and he points out the other media nearby. Why did he walk up to the door and knock? Did he honestly think someone was going to answer the door? It was funny and stupid at the same time.

At first I was glad to see another 'What Keeps You Up At Night' segment but this one about the deficit was poorly done. David Walker's voice did not come through well enough and the graphics and changing boxed pictures were a distraction, not a help.

No Ridiculist was totally understandable. But no Isha? Just 45 seconds for Isha?