Thursday, September 06, 2012

Anderson Cooper Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anderson Cooper was in the CNN sky box at the Democratic National Convention on its final night. Anderson co-anchored CNN's coverage with Wolf Blitzer. Other anchors and correspondents were in various locations through the convention hall while Anderson moderated the panel discussions; joining him were John King, Gloria Borger, Paul Begala, David Gergen, Donna Brazile, Alex Castellanos, James Carville, Van Jones and Ari Fleischer.

On Suzanne Malveaux's 3PMET hour of Newsroom today ~


Anderson was in the CNN Grill on Wednesday and sat down for an interview for ITV's "Daybreak" (in the UK)~


Ever wonder what Anderson Cooper would look like with giant side burns? Here’s your answer! Mini presidential experts Atticus and Rainer from The Ellen DeGeneres Show got in on the fun too at the DNC!

Their mom tweeted this photo sans side burns~

And it looks like maybe there was a lunch involved ~


From Wednesday night's coverage ~

And another from Tuesday's night's coverage~

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aries moon said...

Some of the best political speeches ever came out of DNC 2012--FLOTUS/POTUS, VP Biden, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Lilly Ledbetter, Sandra Fluke, Deval Patrick, John L. Lewis, Jennifer Granholm (she was awesome), Corey Booker, Julian Castro were outstanding and made me proud to be a Democrat. Gabriel Giffords appearance leading the pledge of allegiance was so moving, she looked and sounded beautiful, she is so inspirational and strong. All in all, a wonderful event in spite of CNN's frequently irritating commentary.

Nice set of pics in this post.

Anonymous said...

Watched part of the coverage last night, but John King really turned me off, he and several of the other pundits seem to take real pleasure in saying anything negative about the President. Can't wait until this election is over.

Anonymous said...

The very first photo on this post has large graphics that aired during the convention at the bottom of the screen. Larger CNN logo and words all in caps. Wish CNN would keep this look! Simple and easy to read! Better than their usual paragraphs.