Saturday, September 29, 2012

Next Week on Anderson Live 10/1 - 10/5 2012

Monday, Oct. 1: Amy Brenneman and Half the Sky cast
Amy Brenneman (PRIVATE PRACTICE) co-hosts with Anderson as the duo sit down with Emmy® Award-winner America Ferrera (End of Watch), Golden Globe®-nominee Meg Ryan (Lives of the Saints), Olivia Wild (The Longest Week) and Gabrielle Union (Think Like A Man) to discuss their upcoming film, Half The Sky.

Tuesday, Oct. 2: E!’s Bethenny Frankel, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow
Bethenny Frankel (E!’s BETHENNY) joins Anderson as co-host while the pair interview Academy Award®-nominee Anna Kendrick (What to Expect When You’re Expecting) and Brittany Snow (96 Minutes) on their upcoming film, Pitch Perfect.

Wednesday, Oct. 3: Martin Short and Two-time Emmy® Award-winner Julie Bowen

Emmy® Award-winner and funny man Martin Short (Frankenweenie) joins Anderson as co-host as the duo catch up with two-time Emmy® Award-winner Julie Bowen (Horrible Bosses).

Thursday, Oct. 4: Andy Cohen, Alfre Woodard, Jill Scott and Queen Latifah
Emmy® Award-winner Andy Cohen joins Anderson as co-host as the pair interviews four-time Emmy® Award-winner Alfre Woodard (Reach for Me), three-time Grammy Award®-winner Jill Scott (Sins of the Mother) and Queen Latifah (Joyful Noise) to discuss their upcoming remake of the film Steel Magnolias.

Friday, Oct. 5: Keke Palmer and The Comedy Network’s Stephen Colbert  

Keke Palmer (Ice Age: Continental Drift) joins Anderson as co-host as Stephen Colbert stops by to discuss his talk show, THE COLBERT REPORT (weeknights at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on The Comedy Network).

Ratings for the week ended September 16th (Premiere Week), the final Nielsen numbers are in:

From Broadcasting & Cable ~
Syndication Ratings: 'Katie' Premieres as Top Talk Rookie, 'Ellen' Has Best Premiere In Ten-Year History
Warner Bros.' Anderson Live! opened its sophomore season at a 1.0, even with the prior week. Anderson Live! is down 40% compared to the 1.4 it scored for its national premiere last year.

From TV By The Numbers ~
Syndicated TV Ratings: 'Big Bang Theory' Wins Again, 'Dr Phil' Regains Top Talker Spot for Premiere Week
The list of the top 25 syndicated programs for the week, for comparison.

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Anonymous said...

In the upcoming 'Anderson' week there's only one must-see: Stephen Colbert. None of the ohter guest or co-hosts interest me.

ATA Team - please pretty please include the Colbert segment on this website. Colbert has said he's a fan of Anderson's but I have a feeling he's going to be snide about Anderson's daytime experiment.

The season two first week ratings are dismal. Is it because viewers didn't know he was back with new shows? Because they were watching 'Katie' instead? Or people didn't know 'Anderson' changed channels and times? (That happened in my TV market.)

I predict 'Anderson' will maintain the 1.0 Nielsen. There will be bumps up and dips down but overall viewers will not increase consistently.


Anonymous said...

None of this surprises me.
I predicted Katie would come out on top for a "rookie," and she's no rookie, really.
ABC has been after her for years and Anderson Live is dead.
He's filled with big names that stay on for what 5 minutes max.
The mere fact that some areas of the country opted out, like mine, and for two double hours of " The People's Court," tells me affiliates aren't buying him.
Hopefully Andy Cohen will pull his friend aside and tell him what he needs to be told.
And while Anderson may be even with Wendy Williams, even she has a more exciting hour. I've seen it, and it's much better than his.

Anonymous said...

Anderson seems to think that the more big names he gets, the better his show will be, and it has nothing to do with him as a host.
He probably told his producers that last year his guest list was not up to par and this year he wanted top A listers.
Well, he got them and now he does not know what in the world to do with them.
On CNN he said Larry King was not a good lead in.
Well now he has Piers Morgan, who is doing quite well, and what's his problem now?
Who can he blame?
Let's start by taking responsibility.
The million mark can be deadly.
If he remains consistant, then he has a chance of staying.
Falling below a not good.
This is not cable folks.