Sunday, September 16, 2012

Planet In Peril - Anderson Cooper's Body Burden

In this week's installment of our Planet In Peril series, we start out with Anderson on the streets of NYC and the topic is chemicals found in people's bodies, worldwide; including the United Sates ~

When Anderson goes in to have his blood drawn, we learn he really doesn't like needles!

After having his blood drawn, Anderson takes a few minutes to speak with a doctor and introduces us to a family that undergone the same "body burden" testing that he was doing ~

The results are in and Anderson has some reason for concern; some relating to his travel for CNN over the years and some relating to the makeup he wears when anchoring from the studio ~


We are also sharing some promotional materials CNN released for Planet In Peril. First up, CNN ALL ACCESS, Planet In Peril ~

CNN's First Trailer ~

And CNN's Second Trailer ~

Until next week ....

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