Monday, October 01, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday 10/1/12

KEEPING THEM HONEST, DETAILS, DETAILS: Anderson Cooper reporting on CNN/ORC polling

KEEPING THEM HONEST, ACT OF TERROR? Anderson Cooper reporting on the Benghazi attack

PUSH FOR DEBATE DETAILS: Ari Fleischer and Robert Reich discuss

RAW POLITICS, HIGH STAKES FACE-OFF: Anderson Cooper interviews Rudy Giuliani

OCTOBER SURPRISES: Dana Bash reporting


CRIME & PUNISHMENT, 10 YEARS AFTER DC SNIPER ATTACKS:  A retrospective of CNN's reporting and recent updates

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks


The News & Documentary Emmy® Awards Ceremony with the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences was held in New York tonight and AC360 won an Emmy for their documentary  'BULLYING IT STOPS HERE'.  Congratulations to Anderson and the AC360 staff! 

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Anonymous said...

I came in five minutes late; Anderson was talking about the Benghazi investigation and the use of the word 'terror'. Thankfully, that subject wasn't a full segment and instead Anderson brought up the upcoming debates.

When Ari Fleischer popped up I was getting ready to change the channel but then Robert Reich was introduced. Robert Reich!!! He's one of the best. Kudos to Anderson and the 360 staff for getting him. Reich made some good points about Romney's tax policy ("There's no 'there' there."), budget plan and which candidate had more specifics in their budget plans. Reich is a smart guy and he pushed back on Fleischer.

The segment of Rudy Guiliani talking about Romney the debater went as expected. More clips of Guiliani dissing Romney during the primaries was needed, maybe Jon Stewart will do a side-by-side comparison of things Guiliani said about Romeny then and now.

The story about Iran's Ahmadinejad's photographer defecting should have been a Bulletin item, not a segment in which Anderson asks questions making the guy look suspicious.

The lengthy segment on the DC sniper was the biggest waste of time. I don't care what the guy has to say so I switched to football - Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys. I checked back to 360 and Anderson is doing a big review of the whole story. Back to football; Tony Romo was sacked and the Cowboys have to punt.

Back at 360 it's a commercial break. Before the show came back there was a short promo for a Joe Johns special about voting. I don't rmember the name of the special but I remember the graphic in the promo had the state of Florida emphasized.

Which pissed me off.

Because Anderson could have had a segment about voter suppression and the charges against Republican-aligned Strategic Alliance Consulting of fraudulent voter registrations in Florida. But 360 had the 10-year-old DC sniper case instead. At least Blitzer covered the voting story.

The Justin Beiber Ridiculist was real 'meh'.


aries moon said...

Loved seeing Robert Reich take down Ari Fleischer with facts, something Ari has little knowledge of--the Romney/Ryan tax plan is ludicrous and unworkable--even conservatives like Chris Wallace can see it.

Wasn't happy to see Giuliani again--don't care about his thoughts on anything. It will be a shock if Anderson ever does an interview with a Democratic politician the way he has with Giuliani and McCain--even prior to the Libyan/journal controversy he rarely had a Dem on for a discussion, odd.

Anonymous said...

Anderson's report on bullying was a good one, but it is very hard to believe, since Anderson's admission, that HE himself was not a victim of bullying as a child.
No, he did not go to public school, but he said "He was always gay."
That meant he was gay as a youngster and yes, kids knew then too, who was and who wasn't.
His interest in 'gay bullying' in particular goes far beyond this report.
He is obsessed with it and we all agreed that there are other forms of bullying for other reasons.
Someone isn't "Keeping somebody honest."