Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Poll Positions:  Report by Anderson Cooper
POLL POSITION, On the campaign trail with GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan:  Report by Gary Tuchman
ROMNEY GAINS IN NEW SWING STATE POLLS, CNN/ORC Ohio poll:  Obama only 4 pts. ahead: Anderson's follow up with John King & Gloria Borger

ONE-ON-ONE:  A replay of a portion of Wolf Blitzer's interview with Mitt Romney from CNN's 'The Situation Room'
DIGGING DEEPER, SWING STATE MITTMENTUM?, New polls show Romney gains in battlegrounds:   Anderson's follow up discussion with Bill Burton & Ross Douthat (Conservative columnist, The New York Times)

BREAKING NEWS, STATE DEPT., NO PROTEST OUTSIDE U.S. CONSULATE BEFORE ATTACK, Officials, Security personnel outmanned:  Anderson's discussion with Jill Dougherty

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Meningitis Outbreak, Pharmacy Failure:  Report by Anderson Cooper
12 DEAD, AT LEAST 119 SICK IN MENINGITIS OUTBREAK, The outbreak is linked to contaminated steroid injections:  Anderson's follow up with  Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Elizabeth Cohen

SANDUSKY SENTENCED:  Report by Anderson Cooper
SANDUSKY SENTENCED TO AT LEAST 30 YEARS, Multiple victims spoke in court during hearing:  Report by and follow up with Jason Carroll



EXTRA:  Anderson posted a picture of Molly to his 'Instagram' account on Sunday afternoon ~

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Anonymous said...

I came in a few minutes late but what I saw was better than Monday's 360.

I liked Gary Tuchman's report on the polls and him talking to the folks at the Ryan speech. Some of the poeple he talked to, however, irked me. They said, "The media lied." or "The media is for Obama."
As if "THE MEDIA" is one cohesive monolith instead of an intensely fractured mess,a myriad of outlets that cover the entire political spectrum.
John King and Gloria Borger had a good discussion; I liked John defending the poll numbers "...they're pretty darn good....there are no conspiracies." (Just like media outlets, poll takers run the gamut of political leanings).
Gloria Borger's emphasis on suburban voters reminded me of a big article from Sunday's NY Times 'Republicans to Cities - Drop Dead' concerning the lack of COP interest in ciities and used examples from the GOP convention platform and numerous speeches.

I was channel-surfing while 360 showed clips of Wolf and Mitt. In the panel that followed I wished someone would have used the phrase 'flip-flop' but I didn't hear it.

There's stlll a lot of fog and fuzz about exactly what happened in Benghazi. It looks like Anderson wants concrete answers but even with the congressional hearing coming up, I don't think he or anyone else is going to get those definite answers.

Sanjay Gupta and Sandusky filled out the hour. Item #2 in the second Bulletin was the Afghan Vet, profiled on 360 a couple weeks ago, will be receiving his disability payments. This news should have been given a bit more time.

Tuesday's Ridiculist was also better than Monday's. I got the feeling Anderson had more input into the creating and writing of this one about the Nobel Prize-winning scientist and his bad school grades.


Anonymous said...

Jaanza I too saw that article in the magazine section of the NYTimes and this is not the first time that headline has been used to interpret the intentions of the
GOP candidates.
The NYPost has used that headline a multitude of times in the mayoral elections.
Most Republicans don't play well in large metropolitan areas that are so diverse.

Anonymous said...

Last week I saw a heartfelt interview with Pat Smith, mother of Sean who was viciously attacked on 9/11/12. I think every mother could feel her pain. I am sickened by the comments of Stephanie Cutter just before the V.P. debate, that the entire reason the terror attack in Libya has become a current topic is because of the Romney/Ryan spinning it for political reasons. Then, I was appalled to witness the administration trivialize the subject further by V.P. Joe Biden chuckling and laughing at the debate during the subject of Libya and national security. I feel Stephanie Cutter and V.P. Biden are very disconnected, disrespectful and insensitive to the families of the four men who were senselessly murdered. Where is the compassion from this current administration? Are they really this desperate and ruthless? Their behavior is truly disgraceful.