Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 10/10/12

MOTHER OF SLAIN STATE DEPT. WORKER SPEAKS: Anderson Cooper interviews Sean Smith's mother Pat Smith


MICH. WOMAN DIES AFTER GETTING STEROID SHOT: Anderson interviews George Cary and Heather Angus, the husband and daughter of one of the meningitis victims

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Anonymous said...

A mixed show on Wednesday. Anderson's interview with Sean Smith's mother Pat Smith was heart-breaking and redundant at the same time. It's horrible what this woman has gone through and she's justifiably angry at the government. However, the two-part interview started repeating itself as Pat Smith kept repeating herself. She wants answers from the State Department and others and that's understandable. There are/will be three government investigations about what happened in Benghazi and there's a lot of unknowns and may-never-be-known. 360 spent too much time on Ms. Smith and not enough time on the Benghazi congressional hearings that happened earlier in the day.

The panel with Townsend and Dougherty focused too much on government treatment of Benghani victim's families and not enough on what, if anything, was uncovered in the hearings.

I liked the segment about Romney and his position on abortion. Anderson actually used the word 'flip-flop'. And I appreciated that the panel was two women. Unfortunately one of them was Kellyanne Conway, looking even more like a Stepford Wife.

At this time the transcripts aren't up from Wednesday's 360. Therefore I still can't figure out what Conway was trying to say about Romney's position or the spokesman's "clarification". But I totally got it when she twisted Anderson's pointed and direct questions in order to diss Obama. Conway stated Romney/Republicans were concerned about a wide variety of women's issues including cardiovascular health, obesity, diabetes, etc. while Democrats were concerned only with abortion. Anderson interrupted her to state all those health issues were pre-existing conditions and asked about Romney's position on those conditions. The left-leaning side of the panel, Jen Psaki, didn't get enough time.

Sanjay Gupta did a good job with the segment about NECC and the meningitis outbreak; it was sort of an expanded version of yesterday's report. This show included an interview with the greiving family of a meningitis victim. This is an important story, an important story I have no intereste in.

That's my take on today's 360. Someone has got to disagree with me on something. Write in to say the interview with Pat Smith was the best part of the show or Kellyanne Conway did a great job being a Republican mouthpiece or how heartless I am for not paying enough attention to the grieving Angus family.

I can't be the only one here with a point of view.


P.S. Thanks to Anon 9:14 on yesterday's 360 post for writing in with info about politicians and the 'Drop Dead' headline.

aries moon said...

The interview with Pat Smith seemed kind of manipulative/exploitative--another opportunity for AC360 to go after the State Department and the Obama Administration in a one-sided manner. I'm sorry she lost her son, but he had to have known the risks involved and while she may be angry that the State Department and Administration haven't told her much, it's probably the same for everyone who lost a loved one there, why does she believe she's entitled to special treatment and possibly classified info that other family members probably aren't getting either. She didn't seem very educated and maybe didn't understand what info she wasn't supposed to be privy to. On this subject, Anderson seems highly inclined to indict the Obama Administration and he doesn't seem to have an interest in their perspective. It also angered me that Fran Townsend had the gall to complain about the lack of security, when it was the Republicans who cut millions of dollars in funding that would've provided more security to U.S. Embassies and Consulates as the State Dept requested--that's HER party's fault--odd that 360 hasn't bothered to look into that angle of the Libya story.

Anderson did a little better with the Romney abortion flip flop segment--at least he pushed back on Kelly Ann Conway--Romney has no convictions and just says whatever he thinks will get him elected, he's one of the most fraudulent and dishonest presidential candidates in recent memory.

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch 360 with an open mind last night and found it lacking in every segment. I'm not sure it should even be classified as a "news' program at this point.

The lead was just pure sensationalist journalism at it's best. While I feel sorry for the mom, the double segment with the mom contained zero news value, but plenty of opportunity for Anderson to paint the current administration in a very negative light. Anderson seems to relish these opportunities (as does all of CNN) and doesn't seem to learn that he and AC360 would look better/smarter to wait for investigations to play out and report on facts. It wasn't long ago he was all over the 'Fast and Furious' story and placing blame on the WH and Eric Holder and when the investigation was completed, that simply wasn't the case. I, also, find it appalling that we never get a segment when news comes out contrary to the narrative Anderson/AC360 is pushing. When the 'Fast and Furious' investigation was completed, it barely got a mention in the bulletin. And having the majority of his pundits from the Bush administration further points to his/AC360's bias.

Perhaps Anderson needs to watch Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and Scott Pelly to learn how to report facts - like those of the hearing on the Benghazi attack vs. going the route of sensationalism and driving your own narrative.

While the Romney flip-flip segment was a bit better, I don't understand why the Repub pundit is pretty much always given more time and the last word.

And I agree, Sanjay's segment - while it did contain actual reporting seemed redundant; and while I feel bad that people died, the interview with the family members of the victims seemed more of a talk show segment vs. news.

Since the talk show was pre-taped yesterday, I thought maybe Anderson would put a little more effort into AC360, but it appeared to be he put in even less.

Anderson/AC360 could have covered the actual investigation on the Benghazi attack; he could have reported the fact that the Repubs have cut the funding for security at U.S. Embassies and Consulates; and that Rep Chaffetz (R-UT) admitted that there was a vote for additional security in Libya where he and his fellow Republicans voted no -- to Soledad O'Brien on "Starting Point," so Anderson/360 had CNN tape they could roll, but that didn't follow his/their narrative apparently? It's quite obvious that bias, when he easily ate up time on Tuesday's program replaying Wolf's interview with Romney and in the past has had Soledad on AC360 to talk about/promote other stories covered on "Starting Point."

Anderson/AC360 is almost becoming unbearable to sit through these days. I know he's presented bias and sensationalist journalism in the past, but it seems like there would be an event that took him out to the field to report and I would remember why I started watching him. With the talk show - that seems to be a thing of the past, unfortunately.

I think it's time Mr. Cooper decided what he wanted to be - a talk show host chatting up the latest reality show star and reporting on the latest "adventure" of Lindsey Lohan with TMZ vs. a journalist/field reporter/newsman. It's obvious he can't do both well as neither of his shows are living up to their potential.

Anonymous said...

Did not watch 360 but did watch the debate and it was good to see Paul Ryan drinking a whole lot of water.
Did the little liar have dry mouth disease from telling tall tales, especially when he accused Joe Biden of speaking of "vouchers."
Someone must remind this scheming little "punk" that it was HE who was promoting the voucher idea not his opponent.
Paul Ryan looks like a little kid who just got caught with his finger in the candy jar, with that frozen expression on his face that says, "Who me? I didn't do nothing"
Don't know whether it was such a great idea for Joe to keep smiling at the beginning of the debate.
I guess it was part of the plan to make Paul Ryan look silly and foolish which he could easily have done by just presenting the facts and focusing on his lies.
There were enough of them.
At the debates end Ryan did not seem pleased....and that's a good sign.

Anonymous said...

@1:49PM: I absolutely agree with your last paragraph and hopefully this will be posted, because I've noticed that the 'ATA Team,' though hard working and dedicated, seem to not post all the negativity that is presented about Anderson.
Maybe there just isn't anything positive to say anymore.
I do hope they prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

The NYPost had a small article on Erica Hill who was booted off her CBS post only to land a job on the
Today Show on NBC.
Obviously, Anderson must be a conservative, OR the fact that he reads the Post on his day show holds some weight because they credited Erica for showing Anderson's 'silly side.'
A more liberal paper might have used stronger language.