Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Debate Night, October 16, 2012

Candy Crowley moderated the second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney Tuesday evening.  Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and John King were in Washington.   Soledad O’Brien, Jessica Yellin and Dana Bash were inside the debate hall on Long Island, and Erin Burnett  was in Ohio, where she was joined by a group of undecided voters. Political analyst  was provided by Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Alex Castellanos, Ari Fleischer, Van Jones and Dee Dee Myers. Political fact checks were provided by  John Berman and Tom Foreman from the network’s virtual studio.  Jessica Yellin and Jim Acosta were in the spin room after the Town Hall debate.

It never rains with extras that it does not pour and tonight is one of those nights.  First up is Anderson Cooper asking a question of Candy Crowley, pre debate:

image by David Sykes

While in Washington today Anderson stopped by the local ABC affiliate to promote Anderson Live and ask the anchor to co-host with him soon:


The video might not work on all servers so if you are having issues follow this link to channel 7's site.

A few pictures from Monday night's Elton John AIDS Foundation gala:

And Alina Cho tweeted that the lunch for 2 with Anderson sold for $44,000, benefiting AIDS:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the short clip of Anderson asking Candy Crowley her favorite debate moment. What a cowinkydink! That's one of my favorite debate moments too.

Cynne Simpson seems like a real nice person, charming with Anderson in that 2 minute video. However, how would that translate to co-hosting with him for an hour? It might work great and bring in her fans from the Wash.D.C. area but the rest of the country might scratch their heads and wonder "Cynne who?'


aries moon said...

Why does CNN do polls that skew Republican? Is it only because their polls in 2008 skewed more Democratic? The anchors and pundits seemed to be making a lot out of the CNN poll that had Romney winning on nearly every point, but if that poll was basically answered by more Republicans, how are we really supposed to judge it? Most polls after the debate show the President winning handily--I'm not sure what CNN's doing.

Anderson's REALLY out to get President Obama on Libya. He wasn't buying Candy Crowley's explanation or defense of what the President actually said in the Rose Garden, whatever--I just enjoyed watching the President goading Romney on to his ultimate embarrassment.

aries moon said...

The DC ABC anchor was really excited about being asked by AC to co-host the daytime show--I was reading some of her tweets and she said they decided on November 7.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering Cynne who now.
For once it might be nice if Anderson highlited another charity other than one that benefits Aids vicitms.
Each to his own, but I don't see Ellen or Rachel Maddow constantly hosting Aids projects.
Ellen I know devotes much of her charity work to homeless animals, and that's why the public loves her.
She refuses to be classified as a one dimensional person, and if anyone thinks this doesn't effect Anderson's ratings negatively, they're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Candy Crowley told the truth and now because she had the transcipt right in front of her, she has to defend herself.
At least the Obama team was ready for the ambush unlike the last time, but some of this is the President's failure to realize the weaknesses of his own Presidency.
In the first debate he did have an "attitude problem."
He was complacent, as though he didn't have to answer to anyone other than Michelle.
A while back a commenter, who shall remain nameless, called Obama a "great humanitarian," and chastised me for saying otherwise.
I brought up the fact that he never supported the teacher's union with a public appearance in Wisconsin and NOW, it's a toss up state, and he's fighting for his second term.
I, like many, will vote for him, but not because I think he's a great 'humanitarian.'
I just think his opponent is a really bad liar.