Sunday, October 21, 2012

From The ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host

Wednesday is the beginning of 'Fall Sweeps' and that got us thinking about Anderson's beginning in the daytime talk genre.  We posted most of his Live with Regis & Kelly co-hosting appearances last year, but in cleaning out the 'ATA vault', we came across a few that we missed at the time.  Today's installment is when Anderson was filling in for Regis, who was out for heart bypass surgery, on March 13, 2007 ~

First up was Host Chat, where topics included well wishes for Regis; where Anderson buys his ties, Regis offering to spot Anderson at the gym, heart disease, the lottery, handbags and Yoga!   A little bit of Gloria Vanderbilt trivia was thrown, too ~ 

The trivia contest was up next ~

Chris Rock was the guest that day and given three segments ~

It was 'Spring Break Week' and Kelly & Anderson checked in with a correspondent in Daytona Beach ~

The show ended with a performance by R&B singer/songwriter, Robin Thicke, but we don't have that segment; sorry.

Anderson was back the next day.  We'll have that appearance for you next week!

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