Friday, November 02, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 11/02/12

NYC MARATHON CANCELED AMID OUTCRY: Anderson Cooper and Deborah Feyerick reporting from Staten Island
 Follow up interview with Nicole Malliotakis, N.Y State Assembly, Staten Island/Brooklyn

N.J. GOVERNOR ORDERS GAS RATIONING: Anderson and Susan Candiotti reporting

Anderson interviews Sheila Traina Staten Island resident whose destroyed home was the backdrop for AC360:

ANGER ON STATEN ISLAND: Gary Tuchman reporting

STATEN ISLAND REELING FROM SANDY'S WRATH: Anderson again speaks with borough president James Molinaro

BATTLEGROUND BRAWL: Jim Acosta and Jessica Yellin reporting

THE OHIO ODDS, NO NOVEMBER SURPRISE: John King, David Gergen and Gloria Borger

STRANGERS HELPING STRANGERS: Anderson interviews blind student volunteer Marybeth Melendez

SAVED BY STRANGER:Anderson interviews Jon Candelaria who rescued a taxi driver during Sandy




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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked tonite's 360. Most of this week has been pretty good. Anderson doesn't seem to be phoning it in this week. Other than the 10 minutes of politics which was a waste of airtime and had no business being on 360 it was a good show. Nice to see Anderson in Staten Island and putting some attention on the devastation there.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg made a good call canceling the marathon.
There were many in Staten Island who thought it was a disgrace to have a 'fun time' at their expense.
The race was to begin on their turf.
Viewers don't realize that Staten Island is one of the five major boroughs of NYC.
Most reading this blog think NYC is just Manhattan which in fact is just one of the five, and all are considered islands.
Gas rationing is another good call from Governor Christie.
Power is back in a large part of Norhern NJ but the pumps were down in much of the state because of the outage.

Anonymous said...

Another great job by Anderson and everybody at 360. Of course the big news was the marathon cancellation. Anderson mentioned a few times throughout the show the marathon porto-potties and generators sitting there and can't they be used by Staten Island residents? I think they will but it will take two days - too long, yes, but it took Bloomberg too long to figure out the marathon had to be cancelled.

The outspoken Staten island Borough Prez Molinaro reminds me so much of the parish presidents/chiefs (?) Anderson talked to after Katrina.

The politics segment - Anderson admitted that it was difficult to talk politics in the midst of the death and destruction but necessary. Election Day is only four days away. However, politics appear to be exactly in the same place we left them before Sandy struck. Even with the new jobs report It all sounded like the same old stuff.

I really liked the 'Strangers Helping Strangers' segment, a good bit of good news. That guy who wouldn't help the mom with 2 little boys? Send Jon Candelaria over there to have a talk with him.

Another good memorial segment - names and faces, not just numbers.

Where will Anderson be on Monday? Field reporting on Sandy or in the studio concentrating on the election? Hoping for the former but guessing it will be the latter.


aries moon said...

The interviews Marybeth Melendez and Jon Candelaria were the best parts of the show--it's always comforting to know that there are really good people out there willing to help others. Glad to hear FEMA was on the ground and that the State Island borough president has a FEMA official at his disposal. The Pentagon ordering gas into the area is another positive step although they still have a long way to go getting things back to normal there.

Anonymous said...

IMO this weeks shows have been the best in a long time. Especially last night getting the perspective of new guest.

This is where Anderson shines doing this kind of reporting. He shows that he does care about the ordinary people who have issues in their lives. Thank you Anderson.

To bad he couldn't parlay these kind of stories into his daytime show, maybe it would have lasted longer.

Thank you