Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anderson Live, Thursday, November 1, 2012

Deborah Norville was back as Anderson's co-host today.  The whole show was dedicated to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy highlighting local heroes and things you should know if your home was damaged or flooded.

Enjoy the first segment ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked today's 'Anderson' and liked that Deborah Norville was the co-host. She was the perfect co-host for the serious nature of today's show.

aries moon said...

The show did a good job of giving an overview of the damage that Sandy caused--the interview with Bill Akers(?) was so sad to hear, he was breaking down and so overwhelmed. It was good to see Anderson trying to help the two sisters who lost their homes and the older gentleman--I'm sure that is an aspect of doing the show that AC will miss, giving direct help to people in need. AC's holding up pretty well and being professional about soldiering on and doing the show even though it won't be coming back--that has to be very difficult or bittersweet for him although he hasn't made any additional statements about it all.

Anonymous said...

Anderson was a jackass to say what he said about Jay Z jay-z did not cause sandy to hit New York or New Jersey to call someone out like that is wrong when Katrina hit how many rich people stop there life don't go single out a person like that it is so wrong we don't need division in crisis so what if JayZ had a party that's his business they were not being insensitive to anyone!

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: Anderson should have been doing this kind of show during the day to begin with.
Instead he used his time with dwarfs and migets, and brought his own show to the lowest level possible and on top of that, showed complete lack of respect for one of the top housewives, who could have helped him with his ratings.
Now it's too late....and he's holding up just fine because he's using his talent and skills that made him a top journalist.

Anonymous said...

I make it a point of not watching Anderson during the day, because he
was his own worst enemy.
But, I did watch last nite on 360 and I will give him credit for exposing Staten Island and their devastation in the aftermath.
Staten Island never gets the attention it deserves and the property taxes
those residents pay are unbelievable....some of the highest in the country!
Good for him for doing so.
And good for the Mayor for cancelling the marathon.