Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Night 2012

Photographer: John Nowak courtesy of CNN © 2012 Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved. 

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer anchored CNN's prime time election coverage.  John King was at the maps, Dana Bash handled the Senate race and Tom Foreman the virtual studio.  Candy Crowley was in Boston and Erin Burnett in Ohio.  David Gergen and Gloria Borger were the analysts for the evening. 
The pundit panel included James Carville, Alex Castellanos, Margert Hoover, Van Jones,

Reporters in the field included:

Romney Campaign HQ in Boston - Jim Acosta, Peter Hamby, Rachel Streitfeld, Shawna Shepherd
Obama Campaign HQ in Chicago - Jessica Yellin, Dan Lothian, Brianna Keilar

Bedford, New Hampshire - David Mattingly Columbus, Ohio - Shannon Travis Blue Ash, Ohio - Carol Costello Bolder, Colorado - Paul Vercammen Des Moines, Iowa - Poppy Harlow, Cincinnati, Ohio - Don Lemon Cleveland, Ohio - Martin Savidge Henrico, Virginia - Gary Tuchman Jacksonville, Florida - Drew Griffin Lake Wood, Colorado - Ed Lavandera Las Vegas, Nevada - Miguel Marquez Littleton, Colorado - Kyung Lah Manassas, Virginia –Kate Bolduan Miami, Florida - Ashleigh Banfield Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Ted Rowlands Nashua, New Hampshire - Brian Todd New York, NY – Jason Carroll, Alina Cho and Deb Feyerick Riviera Beach, Florida - John Zarella Washington, DC - Athena Jones, Joe Johns Woodbridge, Virginia - Randi Kaye

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Anonymous said...

Oh, a somber looking Anderson.
Is he somber because Romney lost?
Or is he somber because his show was canceled?
Or is he somber because he has a little cold, which he seems to get quite often.
Or is it all four....
It's not like he actually held up the entire show.
John King and Wolf Blitzer were the two main go to people, behind this election nite.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's over for another 2 1/2 years. Then (hopefully later) it all starts up again with the 2016 campaign.

I didn't check into CNN until after 11 pm (Central). It looked like a solid Obama win but pundits and John King went on and on about Ohio turning red and everything changing for Romney. WTF?

There were important local races and initiatives so I stayed with my local news instead.

One of these issues concernes gay marriage. I would love to see 360 do a segment tomorrow on the gay marriage initiatives in four states - not because Anderson is gay but because it's an important element in how attitudes are changing in this country.


aries moon said...

Four more years! Yes!