Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From The ATA Archives, Anderson Cooper on the Rosie/Trump Feud, Day 2

With Anderson Cooper away from the AC360 anchor desk on assignment for 60 Minutes, we decided to take a look back to when Anderson/AC360 covered the feud between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

It's now Day Two of coverage (these clips aired December 21, 2006) and Anderson starts by bringing us up-to-date, while munching on popcorn and drinking a Coke ~

In a second segment that night, Jeff Toobin and Lisa Bloom are in the studio to discuss the potential legal angles with Cooper ~


Jon Stewart mentioned Anderson on The Daily Show last night ~

Also, the following from a website in Portugal ~

Anderson Cooper in a story in Nazareth by Raquel Costa Today

The reputed U.S. journalist was in the coastal village center in the country to interview the surfer Garrett McNamara who, a year ago, surfed a wave of 30 meters in the cannon of Nazareth.

Anderson Cooper is since Monday in Nazareth. The American journalist, along with a team of program 60 Minutes , CBS, are doing a story on Garrett McNamara, a surfer who, last year, surfed a wave 30 meters.

Cooper, who also has an information program on CNN 360 ยบ , and a talk show , Anderson Live , broadcast on SIC Mulher among us, is a correspondent for the 60 Minutes since 2007. The program is broadcast by SIC in Portugal News, Saturdays at 0:30. 

Read the whole story with Anderson Cooper DN in this paper Wednesday.
(Please click on link for full article.)

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