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From the ATA Archives: Anderson Cooper - The Toughest Battle: Healing Heroes, January 29, 2007

In cleaning out the ATA vault over the summer, we cam across this AC360 program that aired on January 29, 2007. Anderson was in San Antonio, Texas for the dedication of the new privately funded Center for the Intrepid located next to the Brooke Army Medical Center.  We knew then, that Veteran's Day would be the perfect time to share these videos; as we take time today to remember...

After promoting the program on Larry King Live (We still miss the Anderson and Larry moments.), and the toss from Larry, Anderson opened the program with this statement: “Combat medicine has improved to the point that more than 90 percent of the wounded now survive. They survive, though, to fight the toughest battle of their lives.”   Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton were on hand for the opening of the center and Anderson managed to sit down with them as part of the Big 360 Interview.  Portions of the interviews were played throughout.  We've included some for contextual purposes of what was happening in the Iraq War at the time ~

Next Anderson sat down with two soldiers and their families to tell their stories ~

One of the many rehabilitation services offered at the center is a virtual shooting range.  Anderson tried his hand and then showed more of his interview with then Senator Hillary Clinton ~

And more of his interview with Senator John McCain, who said,  "This is what we've done to scores of young men, so pay attention."

Next up was a visit to the prosthetics lab for an explanation of how the prosthesis are created and monitor the feedback of those service members learning to use them.  Anderson then sat down with three more service members who will be treated at the center, to hear/tell their stories ~

Bill White, Head of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund joined Anderson to talk about the center and the Fischer Houses also recently opened at the site ~

The Virtual Reality Simulator was pretty interesting, as were Reader's Comments from the AC360 Blog that Anderson shared on air that night ~

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  The program contained some other news of the day and more of Sens. Clinton and McCain's interviews, but we chose to focus more on the center and the service men and women for this post.

If you see a veteran today, please remember to thank them for their service and if you don't see one, please take a moment to pause and remember the freedoms we have because they bravely went to battle on our behalf.  If any of our readers happen to be veterans, then a big THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, from the ATA Team!

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Anonymous said...

I would love for AC360 to do a follow up story on the Intrepid Center and would like to know if more such places have been built to help our wounded warriors. I haven't heard anything about Fischer Houses lately either.

I find the quote from John McCain rather disturbing in retrospect. The 2012 version of McCain seems to be anxious for the U.S. to get involved in more conflicts, thinks we should still be in Iraq and voted against the Jobs Bill for Veterans in the U.S. Senate in September. (The one the Republicans blocked.) I would like to know if his personal views have changed (I hope not) or he's now the champion of his party for these issues.

Maybe now that the talk show is winding down, Anderson will have more time to travel and report on these types of stories; and hopefully the new CNN management will encourage such reporting.

To those who have served, thank you for your service and Happy Veteran's Day!