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From The ATA Archives - Anderson Cooper Sexiest Newsman Alive 2002

What a difference a decade makes!   Reaching way back into the ATA archives, we dusted off this oldie, but goodie 'Segment 7' from CNN's Newsnight, November 21, 2002.  Now our technical capabilities weren't quiet as advanced, so the clarity of the video leaves a bit to be desired, but the Anderson 'snark' is clear....  Enjoy  "Segment 7, Do You Think I'm Sexy?" ~

From  People Magazine, November 20, 2002 ~


Among numerous Web sites devoted to Anderson Cooper, CNN's quirky roving anchor and former host of ABC's The Mole, the best known is Yahoo's "Gunmetal Grey," honoring his prematurely silver hair. There, Anderfans, as devotees call themselves, gush about "Super Cooper." The attention is befuddling to the 5' 10", 35-year-old journalist who wishes he weren't so "pale, skinny and gray." But Cooper's charm lies in his rascally irreverence; he noted, for instance, that Anna Nicole Smith "could fill out a blouse, but not a half hour of TV." Says Alison Stewart, Cooper's cohost during a stint at ABC's World News Now: "The sexiest thing about him is the look in his eye when he's about to say something really devilish." The son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt lost his father, writer Wyatt Cooper, to a series of heart attacks in 1978, and his older brother Carter to a suicide plunge from their mother's penthouse 10 years later. Says Vanderbilt: "Anderson is wonderful at talking to people who have been through tragedies, because he understands."

Flash forward 10 years to this week when People's Sexiest Man Alive issue was released and Anderson was again included.... but under the heading "50 Shades of Grey" and this was his reaction ~

AC360 Transcript
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