Tuesday, December 04, 2012

AC360 Monday December 3, 2012

John King was in for Anderson Cooper tonight. Here's a quick rundown of topics and guests:

John King and Arwa Damon reporting
Fran Townsend and Bob Baer did the follow up discussion

FISCAL CLIFFHANGER: King spoke with David Walker and David Gergen

TAKING TAX CLAIMS TO TASK: King spoke with Ali Velshi

JOHN MCAFEE ON THE RUN: Martin Savidge reporting from Belize City

Marcia Clark did the follow up


ROYAL BABY FOR KATE & WILLIAM: CNNi's Max Foster reporting

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Anderson on CNN since before Thanksgiving when he was in the Middle East. I know he traveled to Portugal for 60 minutes and I didn't get to watch CNN Heroes, but why off again and again? Was his daytime show live on Monday?

Anonymous said...

I, myself, wondered why Anderson wasn't on 360 last night. I definitely thought he would be. Very weird!

Don't know why he wasn't on but he was in new York. He was spotted by someone on Twitter. Then late last night, after 11PM EST, he was out and about in New York and got into a fuss, yet again, with someone over a cab. The woman tweeted about it and said he acted like a total jerk to her and she called him a cab hoarder and a buttface on Twitter. So, he can't work but can roam all night all over town I guess.

After Heroes he did go out on the town and had a little private party with some celebs at Spin, per Susan Sarandon. That is where that picture was taken of her, AC and Shears that's on the latter post here. Perhaps he partied a little too hard and was too sick, hungover etc, to work last night???

As to the talk show, no, it was not live yesterday but it will be today. So he definitely has no excuse not to be on 360 tonight. We shall see I guess!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:04am

Just to correct the record, because people posting inaccuracies and generalizations on blog sites are a pet peeve of mine, the tweet about Anderson the "taxi hoarder" was from a girl in her dorm room studying for finals and happened around the time of Hurricane Sandy. I searched based on your post and if you follow the person's timeline at all - you'll see that. Anderson even talked about the incident on his talk show and how people don't follow taxi/cab etiquette. And yes, for those that never hail a cab, there is etiquette involved. As to the earlier sighting in NYC last night, I have no idea as I didn't have the inclination to search hours of tweets, but if he was traveling back from LA, it would not be odd for him to be making his way from the airport to home.

The Susan Sarandon photo/tweet of which you refer only says at Spin after Heroes for pong. Susan Sarandon owns a club called Spin in NYC that's a ping pong club. She, along with a partner, are opening a similar club in LA. If you look at her Twitter feed, it seems the opening is on the 11th. Again, I see nothing in her tweet about "out of the town" or "a private party with some celebs" as you seem to state.

Remember that Heroes was over at 8pm LA time, and in the photo Anderson is still in his suit and tie, so perhaps he was invited, by his friend, to stop by and see her new club. How you jump from Susan Sarandon's tweet to "partied a little too hard,sick, too hungover to work" is rather amazing.

Also, if you believe every Twitter sighting of Anderson, then the man is capable of being in three places at once. I remember one time, people claimed he was in Australia and New Jersey on the same day, when in fact he was in Colombia on vacation per his own tweets.

As for the reason he was off last night, it's really only between he and his employer how he uses his vacation/sick time. I earn 5 1/2 weeks of vacation per year where I work. I'm salaried so there is no overtime pay, but sometimes when travel or workload requires taking work home for several nights to meet an unrealistic deadline, comp time in involved. Anderson's contract me have a similar clause. Remember, traveled to and was on the air the weekend before he anchored from Gaza and Israel, and worked almost non-stop while there. He spent Thanksgiving Day on air and then traveling to his 60 Minutes assignment in Portugal and then this past Saturday he traveled to LA and had practice and a heroes related dinner event of Saturday night and hosted Heroes on Sunday. I would say he deserves a little time off. What he does on his time off is his business, not the business of his "fans"...

I guess some people expect him to never take a day off or to get it approved by them if he does? Is he supposed to get his off-air activities approved by you/his fans, too?

I, for one, am glad he takes his earned vacation time. As far as spending time with "celebrities" the one's I've seen him pictured with are his friends. He just has a different social circle than many people, but they are his social circle and who are we to judge? I don't want him or you judging mine, nor should you.

Give the man a break and quit holding him to such unrealistic standards.

As you probably know by now, he stated on the talk show today that he had the intestinal flu for a couple of days after leaving Israel and then was blinded for 36 hours while on assignment in Portugal from sunburning his eyes. Perhaps he wasn't cleared for the studio klieg lights yet last night? We may never know why he didn't anchor 360 last night, but then again, he doesn't really owe us an explanation does he?

Anonymous said...

I love how @2:47 was "Keeping Them Honest" with @8:04 LOL!

aries moon said...

Bravo anon 2:47 pm.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12/4/12 2:47 PM

You have your facts wrong. The tweet of the cab fight happened last night. Here it is along with the one who tweeted it.



And if you go to her page and follow the conversation she had with her friends you will see her explain it more.

Obviously you've never been to a ping pong club. They serve alcohol, just like a club or bar. And you can get a PRIVATE room to play in for you and your friends. Susan said they were there. I didn't make that part up.

And the show is titled ANDERSON COOPER 360 not John King, Wolf Blitzer or Soledad O'Brien 360. People tune in expecting to see him not subs for 3 weeks straight. If he can be out at 11 at night fighting for a cab no reason why he couldn't have worked.

I'm not fighting with you. But not everyone thinks he walks on water and should be given a free pass.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight 12/4/12 2:47 PM, you think Anderson wasn't cleared to work last night YET he worked under harsher brighter lights Sunday night for Heroes. OK, that makes A LOT of sense. LOL

Anderson himself said he is fine. No ill effects from either incident still lingering. So neither of those things he talked about on the talk show stopped him from working last night or Sunday. They are non issues. Something else kept him out of work, not hard to surmise what that was.