Friday, December 14, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday December 14, 2012

Anderson Cooper anchored two live hours of AC360 tonight to cover the Connecticut Elementary School Shooting ~

8:00PM HOUR ~
*Overview of the day's events by Anderson Cooper ~

*Soledad O'Brien interviewed Lt. J.Paul Vance, CT State Police & Lt. George Sinko, Newton, Ct. Police
*Jason Carroll reported on the Vigil taking place tonight at a church in Newton, CT
*Remarks by Gov. Dan Malloy from earlier today were replayed
*Susan Candiotti reported on the latest in the investigation
*Anderson reported the inspiring story of a 1st Grade teacher at the school who protected her young students
*President Obama's comments from earlier today were replayed
*Anderson remembers the school's principal and psychologist ~

*Soledad spoke with Christine Wilford, Son attends Sandy Hook Elementary School
*Anderson spoke by phone with Janice White, a friend of the principal, by phone
*Drew Griffin reported on what is known about the shooter and why the Sandy Hook Elementary School
*Anderson spoke with Denise Correia, Daughter attends Sandy Hook Elementary School

*Ali Velshi reported on the street where the shooter lived with his mother
*John Berman reported on the gunman's older brother, in Hoboken, NJ, taken in custody for questioning
*Anderson spoke with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on how kids who witnessed shootings/events will be effected
*Anderson spoke with Soledad about what she witnessed in Newton, CT and closed with a clip from the vigil  in Newton, CT

10:00PM HOUR
Many of the same topics were covered in the second live hour with updated information given as it became available; such as the names of the victims possibly being released tomorrow, the types of weapons used, etc, and Anderson had three new interviews.

*Anderson interviewed Janet Vollmer who teaches kindergarten at  Sandy Hook Elementary School ~

*Anderson interviewed Aimee Seaver, parent of 1st grader at Sandy Hook ~

*Anderson interviewed Msgr. Robert Weiss, St. Rose of Lima, R.C. Church ~


SPECIAL CNN WEEKEND COVERAGE OF THE CONNECTICUT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOOTING:  Per CNN press releases,  Anderson Cooper will be live from location Saturday night at 8:00PM and 10:00PM and Sunday at 6:00PM, also Anderson Cooper 360 will be live from location on Sunday night at 8:00PM and 10:00PM.  All times are Eastern.

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Anonymous said...

There's not much to say about Friday's 360. Like Tuesday's 360 all about another gun massacre, it's breaking news and horrific news and devastating news. It was difficult to watch at times especially the piece about the first-grade teacher hiding in the bathroom with her students who wondered if they would live to see Christmas.

I saw only the earlier 360; everyone did a good job covering the bases. Anderson's opening remarks were pitch-perfect and I commend Soledad O'Brien for reporting without crying; it looked like she would start crying at any moment and if she started crying I would have too.


Anonymous said...

@Jaanza I agree, another sad day. But for me this one seemed even sadder with so many little lives snuffed out and at a place parents think it's safe for their children to be. I can't imagine what it's like for the 20 families who lost their children and all the other families and friends of the victims.

I thought Anderson set a nice tone to his coverage and was so glad he didn't interview children as some others did/showed throughout the coverage.

I was very impressed by President Obama's remarks as the nation's "Father In Chief" and hope that many will realize it is time to have that talk about guns/assault rife control and concealed carry bans. I'm so sick of the gun lobby and the 2nd Amendment enthusiasts. I have no problem with people owning hunting rifles for hunting purposes or if people feel the need, one hand gun to protect themselves; but multiple handguns and assault rifles and extended magazine clips - I just don't see the need for the average citizen. I don't think it's what the founding fathers had in mind when the second amendment was passed.

Guns may not kill people, but people with guns use them to kill people. One has to wonder why the shooter's mother owned the three guns she did that enabled this massacre to take place.

The whole thing makes me go back and forth between sadness and anger.

I thought Anderson brought a nice tone to the coverage and look forward to his coverage over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to take responsiblity for this shooting.
In part this was an 'easy access school.'
It was on one main floor and according to the NYPost, the shooter was buzzed in.
The shooter knew the school and the security was lacking.
Why were there no metal detectors?
According to the NYT, the principal was in the process of revamping school security.
As a former educator, showing ID's and ringing the door bell, after a certain hour, is at least twenty years old.
This principal was exactly that, a 'pal' to all. To quote the Times, she was not known as an "authority figure."
The first line of defense is the school Administrator.
The shooter knew the design of the school and his targets, and just how to acquire access, and that was easy, too easy apparently.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:48, while you may trust the NYP for your information I trust the Conn. State Police who say that forced entry was how the gunman got into the school.