Monday, December 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, December 10, 2012

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Disabilities Treaty Battle:  Report by Anderson Cooper

CHIEF OPPONENT OF DISABILITIES TREATY DEFENDS POSITION,  Farris is an international lawyer who also represents home schooling families:  Anderson's interview with Michael Farris, Chairman Home School Legal Defense Assoc.

DISABILITIES TREATY DEBATED, Toobin, Hatred of U.N. now a bedrock principle among conservatives:  Anderson and Jeff Toobin's follow up discussion

FISCAL CLIFFHANGER, Pres. Obama, Speaker Boehner negotiate as deadline looms:  Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion with Van Jones & Ari Fleischer

HIV Cancer Cure?:  Report by Anderson Cooper

GIRL'S ALTERED IMMUNE CELLS HELP BEAT LEUKEMIA, Child was near death last spring, now in remission:  Anderson's follow up interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

FIRESTORM OVER "ZERO DARK THIRTY", Film about bin Laden raid has controversial torture scenes:  Anderson's discussion with Peter Bergen & Bob Baer

SINGER JENNI RIVERA MOURNED, 43 year-old music powerhouse was killed in plane crash:  Report by Anderson Cooper


Anderson and his "bookers" from the AC360 Holiday Party at Anderson's firehouse Saturday night ~

Seth Meyers had a little fun with Anderson during "Weekend Update" on SNL Saturday night ~

Anderson was a guest on "The Talk" today.  They are taping in NYC this week ~

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Anonymous said...

A mixed 360 on Monday. Anderson again started by stating he's "not supporting Democrats or Republicans...we're just reporting the facts...unlike other cable channels..." Maybe it's 360's new slogan?

The opening segment on the U.N. disability treaty and Republican's voting against it was excellent. Home-schooling-lobbyist Farris was a little smarter than Sen. Lee last week (that's incredibly faint praise). When Anderson asked about U.N. bureaucrats getting involved in American parents and their children, Farris said "Open your eyes!" but instead of answering the question with valid facts, he dissed Robert Dole. I loved all of Toobin's comments especially the one calling the spin of the treaty antagnonists was "inventive paranoid fantasy... It's not reality."

The segment on the fiscal cliff wasn't as interesting except for Anderson flubbing the pronunciation of "eligibility age" several times in a row.

Anderson didn't ask an important question when talking to Sanjay Gupta about the HIV cancer cure. Gupta said that the patients got very sick when treated with this cure. Anderson should have asked, "More sick than from receiving radiation and chemotherapy?"

Both Peter Bergen and Robert Baer weren't need for the discussion about "Zero Dark Thirty" because they totally agreed with each other. It was a pretty good report but you didn't need two guys saying the same thing.

I would have rather seen a segment about the disgraced Australian DJs rather than a segment about the singer Jenni Rivera. Her death is very sad but hardly big news. As Anderson stated most Americans had no idea who she was.

Thanks for 'The Talk' clip, the sex talk between Sharon Osbourne and Anderson was a bit too silly but the rest of the segment was really good, an intelligent discussion about using disrespectful language, temporary sun blindness, the Gaza bomb blast and mom Gloria. Loved the question about the Vanderbilt jeans in the '70s and Anderson's answer, "Well, it paid for my college." However, I'm not thrilled to hear he'll do NYE with Kathy Griffin again.