Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anderson was live from Newtown, CT again tonight:


A DREAM CUT SHORT, Boyfriend remembers his "Busy Bee":  Poppy Harlow's interview with Tony Lusardi III, Lauren Rousseau's Boyfriend ~


NEWTOWN SEEKS ACTION, Gun control, mental health, school safety being discussed:  Anderson speaks with Andrei Nikitchyuk, Father of a Sandy Hook third-grader and Lillian Bittman, Former Chairwoman, Newtown Board of Education (in light of President Obama's speech today and the new poll numbers on gun control)

SCAMS COLLECTION MONEY IN VICTIMS' NAMES, Email circulating asking for donations:  Anderson and Drew Griffin reporting

LOOKING FOR ANSWERS, Potential link between school and shooter:  Deborah Feyerick reporting

SYRIAN ACTIVIST DETAINED, Fear for frequent 360 guest taken by secret police:  Report by Anderson Cooper

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks


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Anonymous said...

It matters not what 'poll numbers' say pertaining to gun control.
The public is easily swayed.
David Gergen said the other day, that President Obama should 'seize the moment and make it his.'
I agree.
If he waits too long, everything will revert to the way it was and the do nothing Congress, will do what they do best, nothing.
The President must not confer with everyone. There are things he can do by means of his executive powers and he must do more than tell schools to hire more mental health counselors.
Counselors are so yesterday.
Today needs to be a new beginning.
And no one needs to be pleased with the regulations.
Gun control legislation is not something the public gets to vote on.
It is something we need to do as a civilized society in order to remain civilized.
Civility is the key.
Are we less civilized than other industrial countries?
This is not the fiscal cliff President Obama. This is the future of your America.

Anonymous said...

The local people here would really like for the media to leave. thank you for reporting on the story, but it is time for them to all leave. Can't even bury children without tv cameras and microphones in someone's way.

Anonymous said...

I posted anonymous 12/20/12 4:53 PM

to explain further: I am a resident of Newtown, Connecticut, the town here is VERY small, the traffic is jammed up enough with the funerals and people paying their private quiet respects even if it is just simply leaving an ornament on one of the trees dedicated to one of the slaughtered. and people have actually and asked the media to leave, Anderson Cooper being one of them, he (and others) has been approached and asked when he will be leaving. he is not the only media there, but obviously he is not honoring wishes of some from here.

Anderson can still report on the greater issue of gun control and mental issues from his comfy NYC studio.