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Next Week on Anderson Live 12/31/2012 - 1/4/13

Monday, December 31: 'Anderson Live' New Year's Eve Special with Co-Host Tamar Braxton, Hidden Camera Investigation: Are Manners Dead? and Sneak Peek of Biggest Trends of 2013!

Tuesday, January 1: Co-Host Jill Martin,  'Anderson Live' New Year's Day Special! 'Good Wife' Star Alan Cumming and 2013 Resolution Solutions: Top 3 Secrets of Breaking Bad Habits!

Wednesday, January 2: Co-Host Carmen Electra, Exclusive: A Mom with Over 20 Personalities and 2013 Resolution Solutions: Best 3 Moves to Lose Your Belly Fat for Good!

Thursday, January 3: Co-Host Melissa Joan Hart, 2013 Resolution Solutions: Top 3 Surprising Foods Sabotaging Your Diet  and Good Housekeeping 'Anderson Live' Lab: Popular Infomercial Products Put to the Test!

Friday, January 4: Co-Host Barbara-Lee Edwards (San Diego's KFMB-TV Anchor), Medical Mystery Exclusive: Feather Pulled from Baby's Neck -- How Did It Get There?,Family Desperate to Save Out-of-Control Teen and Frugal Friday Moneysaving Secrets!

Ratings for the week ended December 16th ~

From Broadcasting & Cable:
Syndication Ratings: 'Phil' Stays on Top, But 'Ellen' Ties Best Rating in Ten YearsMany syndies preempted on Dec. 14 for coverage of Newtown school shootings

News coverage of the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14 caused Nielsen to break out ratings for many daytime and access strips that Friday. Even though four-day averages were the norm, syndies -- and especially talk shows and magazines -- held up in the week ended Dec. 16.

CBS Television Distribution's Dr. Phil remained syndication's top talker, improving 3% from both the prior week and year to a 3.1 live plus same day household rating, according to Nielsen Media Research. Warner Bros.' Ellen took second for the fifth week in a row at a 2.9, tying the show's highest rating in its ten-year history, up 4% for the week. Ellen also notched the largest year-to-year gain of any talk show, climbing 12% from the same week last year.

In third place, Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly and Michael rose 4% for the week to a 2.6. Sony's Dr. Oz came in fourth at a steady 2.4. NBCUniversal's Maury also was flat at a 2.2. CTD's Rachael Ray remained at a 1.4, tying NBC's conflict talkers Steve Wilkos and Jerry Springer, each of which grew 8%.

CTD's The Doctors also advanced 8% to a 1.3. Warner Bros.' Anderson Live showed some spark, hitting a new season-high 1.2, and surging 20% for the week. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams was flat at a 1.1, while Jeremy Kyle added a tenth or 20% to a 0.6. Jeremy Kyle, like Anderson Live!, will end its run after this season.

Among the rookie talkers, Disney-ABC's Katie was steady for the week at a 1.8. NBCU's Steve Harvey improved 8% to a 1.4, even though it was partially in repeats. CTD's Jeff Probst was flat at a 0.7, while Twentieth's Ricki Lake dropped 14% to a new series-low 0.6, the only talk show out of 17 to decline for the week. NBCU's Trisha, meanwhile, grew 25% to a 0.5, up one-tenth of a ratings point.  Please click on link for the complete article.

NOTE:  For the same week last season, 'Anderson' had a 1.3 HH rating.

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Anonymous said...

Holy moly, it's like Anderson is not even trying anymore. All of these topics are so cheap and chintzy, the stuff nearly every other talk show and B-grade women's magazine would cover.

Please, Anderson, a few shows that are more intellectual or hard-hitting before you end this run. I recently saw a clip from 'The West Wing' in which someone tells President Bartlett (sp?) that homosexuality is an abomination because the Bible says so. Bartlett replies 'so I can sell my daughter into slavery?' He states the exact quotation number. 'How much do you think I could get for her?' and then Bartlett says his chief of staff wants to work on the Sabbath, and states the Bible quote stating he should be put to death. Bartlett asks 'am I morally obligated to do it myself or should i call the police?' There was one other point in the same vein.

The point is - how about an 'Anderson Live' in which Anderson argues with someone who opposes homosexuality on religious grounds by pointing out many other things in the Bible that are not done or are done in this day and age?

It would be a push-the-envelope episode I'd actually watch.


Anonymous said...


I'm not sure if Anderson has that much of an influence on the topics and guests and I would imagine he focuses more on the content of AC360 but I do agree that it would be great to end it with a bang.

What does he have to lose?
I think he was always at his best when the journalist in him came out and he didn't let certain guests (like that nasty guy with his STD carriers website) get away with lame excuses.

The problem is, while I would love to see some controversial topics, that would require Anderson to make a stand on certain things. And that seems to be something he always tries to avoid.

Sure, I guess it is save to assume he is a liberal, probably not particularly religious etc. but as soon as he voices his opinion on such topics he will always be the gay liberal anti-religious (or worse, atheist *gasp* And lets not forget he is also an CIA agent, Illuminati, member of the NWO, reptilian) news ancor. And that neutrality is something he has worked hard to preserve.

So yeah, I guess it is difficult for him. On one hand I bet he would love to be partisan once in a while, on the other hand he wants to remain neutral in his role as a news ancor and correspondent.
Heh, I could imagine he would love to go on a Bill Maher-style rant. Considering his humor, wit and self-admitted potty mouth, dammn, that would be glorious. But he just can't do that.

Aren't there rumors about the new CNN boss thinking about a The Daily Show style thing for the late time slot? It would be heaven to see Anderson do a show like that but again it collides with his rule to remain neutral. Oh well, if it happens I demand regular guest appearances and lots of banter between Anderson, Jon and Stephen.

It's kind of sad. I love him co-hosting with Kelly and I enjoyed some aspects of Anderson Live but at the same time he often seems to be working below his full potential (not with Kelly, their chemistry and banter is perfection) and some things might hurt his reputation as a journalist.

Btw., regarding the way hypocrites cherry-pick the bible, Anderson asked that woman who tried to defend that homophobic pastor who wanted to put gays and lesbians behind a fence why she thought homosexuals were so much worse than the other "sins" in the bible.
So even though it was subtile it's clear he has that argument ready and loaded. ^_^

Anonymous said...


It sometimes boggles my mind how the same man who has seen death and cruelty beyond imagination, took on topics most would have shied away from, intellectually destroyed opponents in debates and conducted excellent interviews like the one with Christopher Hitchens, manages not to go crazy when he has to take on some of those wishy-washy topics on Anderson Live or talk to some of those, no offence, not too bright people. Does he really enjoy that?

Okay, I've read quite a few times that people thought Anderson was too critical and "mean" towards some of his guests but please, he was still being nice compared to the way he destroys interviewees on AC360 who think they can get away with bs. He just can't shut down that little journalist in his head. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe he is just not shallow enough for a daytime talkshow that targets housewives of whom the majority probably just want "nice", simple entertainment instead of intellectual, sometimes upsetting content.

Anonymous said...

Phil Donahue proved years ago that women wanted and could handle more serious content in daytime TV. Anderson said that Donahue was one of his big influences and that he wanted his talk show to reflect some of what Donahue did back in the 70's and 80's, but neither AC's first or second season has ever risen to the same level or quality of Donahue's show, I don't think they ever actually tried and it looks like the final season will just be a mix of "extreme", "controversial" and free promotion for Andy Cohen's Bravo housewives shows and TLC. The one thing I do enjoy about the show is that now that Anderson's out, he's more free about being gay, but he could devote a few shows to talking about it and other subjects more seriously. It seems that his topics aren't very adult-oriented, it's all kind of lightweight, but I guess it doesn't matter now that it's over.

I've always wanted AC to do a show like Real Time with Bill Maher, where serious topics can be discussed with a little bit of humor thrown in here and there as well. He'd be well-suited for something like that, but his reporter credentials and the need to be neutral prevent it.

Anonymous said...

Trampadoo and Anon 4:04 -

Great posts! I get it about Anderson wanting to remain neutral as a journalist and that is commendable. However it's also commendable to stand up for what you believe in. Anderson has let his opinion shine through on some occasions and the world didn't come to an end.

I'm old enough to remember Phil Donahue. I especially remember an episode on welfare. His panel had welfare recipients and welfare opponents and it was a terrific show. I believe Donahue was liberal but on his show you got both sides.

'Anderson's daytime show has dealt with a few serious issues - bullying, Trayvon Martin - but too often the topics are light and fluffy and not worth the time to watch.

Anderson on Maher's show would be awesome and gutsy... unfortunately I can't imagine Anderson going there anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:04 I was thinking the same thing about Donahue, he did many interesting AND controversial shows AND everyone watched him(he lasted 24 yrs)even Oprah did some controversial topics during her yrs on TV and housewives watched. Anderson just seems to rely on his "friends" & colleagues to provide him with guests and "topics"(I don't call 6 minute segments topics really) And when he does something like the Penn State scandal his staff doesn't seem to know how to handle it, that's what you get for hiring young inexperience people, who live in the Social Media world and are awestruck by the blue eyed boy wonder(they laugh at everything he says)

I won't say I'm sorry for my comments, but I had expected more from Anderson and the show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. He would be perfect for a Real Time style show and preferably in a channel like HBO that doesn't censor its shows but if Anderson did that he would have to say goodbye to his journalism/correspondent career and that won't happen. I don't think he can live without that kind of work.

I'd be happy with a at least a regular segment with Anderson in a Daily Show kind of thing, though.

Anonymous said...

OK folks.
Now that we have rationalized why Anderson failed in day time, let's ask ourselves why he's not must see television at nite.
He's boring.
Yes, that's the truth.
He half wanted to be Phil Donahue and the other half was lazy and really never took control of his own show.
If Rachel Maddow can have an agenda and an opinion, so can he, and if he can't, unfortunately he needs to find another way to make a living.
Maybe this coming year we'll find out because Jeff Zucker is not about to give AC a Big Fat Raise, like those before him....and he'd be right.
Money is still the best motivator.

Anonymous said...

Trampadoo again. Open ID doesn't work at the moment.

To Anon 12/30/12 11:28 PM:

I very much disagree.

Boring? Well, I guess if not being partisan and wearning your opinion and agenda on your sleeve means he is boring and a failure then yeah. But that is exactely the reason why I still respect him as a journalist, unlike pretty much any other American news ancor out there.

I'm European. I'm used to neutral news and I don't like this kind of sensationalised, opinionated, often paranoid "news" shows that sell the ancors opinion as news. I don't enjoy watching the news ancor interrupt and yell at his interviewees and throw his own opinion on them. Anderson lets his opinion shine through in a subtile way and he always remains a gentleman.

So if I want to get up to date on USA issues Anderson is one of the few people I can stand to watch as he comes the closest to the style of just reporting the news and facts in a neutral way I am used to in my country.

I find it extremely sad that many Americans seem to regard non-opinonated news that do not rely on sensationalism and infotainment as boring and a failure. Instead they mock the only channel that could still be called neutral and in the middle and some seem to be proud that the partisan left and, even worse, Faux News type of things have better ratings. Well just because billions eat the rubbish McDonalds produces doesn't mean it it is a health, well-balanced diet. Quantity does not equal quality. This is nothing to be proud of.

So yeah, it doesn't reflect well on American culture when one of the few news shows left that doesn't do it Faux News-style is not doing well. It suggest a culture that needs to be told what to think instead of forming their own opinion based on the facts and if there, mutiple views presented. It also suggests a culture of ADHS issues...

Frankly, the thought that Anderson might be pressurised into giving up his principles for the sake of ratings to become a news ancor like everyone else makes me ever so slightly physically ill. And I hope Zucker has more integrity than to force him to do that or make him choose between giving that up and moving to another channel.

Oh well, what can I say. Americans should cherish those last bits of serious journalism left on their TV. And yes, neutral news and facts are not that exciting. In fact the news in my country are quite dry and at times boring. They still get extremely high ratings. Much higher than the more "americanised" news shows on some cable networks.

You know what? I'll write Anderson an e-mail and tell him how much I appreciate that he has not sold his soul for ratings for AC360 yet and hopefully never will be forced to do so. He'll probably never get to read it but I can at least try.