Thursday, January 03, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 1/3/13

Tonight Ashleigh Banfield was back in the anchor chair for the vacationing Anderson Cooper.  Here's the next in our Cooper Christmas card series.  This one isn't dated but shows the family at the entrance to their NY home.  That's Anderson on the far left but we're not sure of the year or his age. 


CNN issued a press release today for 4th quarter ratings and there was good news for AC360 in the 8 PM hour:

• AC 360 at 8 pm is the highest rated show on the network in the key demo 25-54 (229k); AC 360 at 8p posted its best delivery in both demos since taking over the 8p hour (Q3-11), giving the network its best performance in the hour since Q3-09 among total viewers and Q1-09 among 25-54

• 8pm – AC 360: Up +23% (711k vs. 578k) and +28% among 25-54 (229k vs. 179k)

Don't forget we'll be posting clips from NYE for our Sunday post.

photo by David S. Holloway/CNN

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Anonymous said...

Yay, happy for CNN and AC! :D

Anonymous said...

I am happy there is a little good news for AC. I am very worried that he is going to lose his show because of all these rumors going around. That would be unbearable for me if there was no AC360 to watch every night.

Anonymous said...

There were rumours about Curry taking over AC360, right? I could see him taking over 60 Minutes full time and working as correspondent for CNN but ratings-wise I can't imagine that would be healthy for CNN (nor for Anderson's private life. He's works so much and already on the road so often..). And after looking up some of the decisions Zucker made in the past I am not so sure he would choose wisely anyway. I just hope he doesn't turn CNN into a partisan opinion news network and forces Anderson to ditch his journalistic principles or to leave the channel.

Anonymous said...

How can Anderson go from covering the funerals of all those children in CT knowing those families(I mention them specifically because it's so recent and is still on ppls minds and just so relevent) and other families with children would be staying up to watch him on NYE allow Griffin to pull the stunt she pulled. People do not care about HER sexual fantasies about Anderson, comedy they need-to be sure, however sexual comedy? Is that really the best for grieving ppl who've lost sexual comedy really the best kind of comedy on a program that reports on so much sexual crime and perversion??? Does AC apologising in advance really lighten the blow???

Anonymous said...

@12:33PM: You make an excellent point and no, he doesn't care or he'd say, 'my show, my way.'
Enough of this crap that AC doesn't have control over KG and he knew in advance exactly what she was up to and if this is cause for celebrating high ratings, than I say, every network should now lower their standards and dive right into filth.
You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.....Anderson is guilty and no it isn't fun or funny.
It is what it is...filth.
Of course this will not be posted, way too negative and right.

Anonymous said...

Well, my comment didn't get posted. Maybe too critical of American culture?

So I'll repeat: This was not a show for children, it was already notorious and everyone knows what they get themselves into with Kathy. There was enough warning ahead. So if some parents had a problem with it they shouldn't have let their kids watch it.

I find it odd how American culture is often so fussy about swearing, nudity and sexuality while at the same time has a tendency to glorify violence.

Yes, her jokes were pretty obscene but in the end harmless. Unlike letting kids grow up in an environment that demonises sex and nudity but glorifies violence and guns. So I find the mentioning of the Newtown victims a bit tasteless.

And if I am not mistaken this was about AC360's higher 4th quater ratings, not the new year show, which is indeed a reason to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks at 7:41pm. I just feel that News Years eve is a worldwide celebrated holiday and being that there is no curfew for children sitting up with their families on that night as they enjoy ringing in the New Year with one another I reflect on so much of the tragedy that AC360 has reported on, the families in CT who specifically invited Anderson to their childrens funerals who respect him enough to do so surely watched AC's NYE show I would think along with many others from that elementary school seeing has how Anderson brought special attention to those people for many episodes of his show there are so many young influential people watching. Imho BECAUSE of the fact that there truly are such mentally vaunerable ppl in society young and old alike and what AC reports on on a constant basis like the poor woman in New Dehli who was so brutally sexually assulted IN PUBLIC that it killed her, not to mention the pedo's and the human trafficers...AC reports on these atosities nightly to see it happen on his show not to mention believe it to be comedy really disheartens me to the core. If I am tasteless for bringing up something that in all likelyhood is the truth I am truly sorry, however, more sorry for those that enable the actions that where televised on CNN's NYE show. All I would like to know is do those ppl actually grasp the magnitude of what is being reported? The influance of actions being shown as to whether or not what they are doing is saying to weak easily influanced ppl 'look how we can get away with this and you can too!' So I guess it's ok to push for the decay of decency makes for plenty of news stories. Sad way of life indeed...Sorry if offened anyone with my opinion, I just feel so saddend by that display on CNN's NYE show reflecting on all the horrid things that where reported then to see that, I cannot see any justification in it.

Anonymous said...

Anderson doesn't have any journalistic principles to ditch, so don't worry.
According to this weeks TV Guide, Zucker is knocking off one hour of 360, but Anderson so far is safe.
Yes, those just watch his lips move can still watch, but you'll just see less of him, and no wonder.
His ratings don't warrant a two hour programming.
Alone he's unwatchable. With Wolf, he holds his own.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, it just boggles my mind how anyone can associate sexual comedy with rape crimes and at the same time make references to the victims of a school shooting. Call me crazy but I don't think the sexual comedy is the problem here..
How can people get upset about this but not about glorification of violence in American media, people buying more guns than ever after each new shooting, parents taking their kids to WWW, Nascar races, letting them shoot guns.

I'm really at a loss here looking at this cognitive dissonance from a European perspective.

Anon 1/5/13 11:12 PM:

You really have a troubled love/hate relationship with Anderson, don't you? Why do you waste your time following someone you obviously can't stand?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:01PM: I understand your disconnect and you are right.
There is a relationship between what is being celebrated supposedly on NYE and violence, and yes, how can you console a family one minute and then put on a sexual comedy display the next?
Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, and even Jon Stewart wouldn't do this.
It would and does hurt their credibility and they wouldn't lower themselves.