Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday January 10, 2013

CALIFORNIA SCHOOL SHOOTING, Sheriff:  Student fires shotgun, classmate wounded:  Anderson Cooper and Kyung Lah reporting

NRA "DISAPPOINTED" WITH WHITE HOUSE MEETING, Calls it an agenda to attack the Second Amendment:  Anderson Cooper talks to Jim Acosta

UNCLE OF NEWTOWN VICTIM SPEAKS OUT, Alexis Halle on gun control:  There needs to be a comprehensive approach:  Anderson's interview with Alexis Halle, Uncle of Newtown Shooting Victim Noah Pozner

NEWT GINGRICH ON GUN CONTROL, Frmr. House Speaker wants to "wait and see" on exec. orders:  Anderson's interview with Newt Gingrich

TOUGH GUN LAWS, HIGH CRIME, The battle inside one of the deadliest cities in America:  Report by Ted Rowlands

BREAKING NEWS, SHERIFF:  ALLEGED CALIF. SCHOOL SHOOTER FELT BULLIED, Accused of shooting one classmate who's in critical condition:  Report by Anderson Cooper

BREAKING NEWS, FLU CROSSES EPIDEMIC THRESHOLD, Says official with Natl. Institutes of Health:  Report by Anthony Fauci, Dir., Natl. Institute of Allergy & Infections Diseases

BREAKING NEWS, FLU SPREADING FAST & FIERCELY, More than half of states reporting widespread outbreaks: Anderson's discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

SYRIAN ACTIVIST RELEASED FROM PRISON, Imprisoned for speaking out against the Assad regime:  Anderson speaks with Zaidoun Al Zoabi, Syrian Activist by phone

SCRATCH-OFF LOTTERY WINNER MURDERED, Urooj Khan had a lethal level of cyanide in his system:  Report by Martin Savidge




From Celbrigum:

Here's a new theory about Kathy Griffin's notorious behavior with Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve.

Kathy Griffin on January 2nd, 2013:

Kathy Griffin on January 19th, 2012:

The chronic lameness in Kathy's left leg obviously makes her very unsteady; she may have simply been trying to brace her head against Anderson's crotch while falling.

Kathy, you don't have to keep suffering! Make orthopedic surgery one of your 2013 New Year's Resolutions. Your left leg, and Anderson, will thank you!

Kathy's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on January 2nd, where she talked to Dave about her New Year's Eve "performance" and plugged her new stand up special and the new season of her talk show ~

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Anonymous said...

That's nice ladies.
fifty more pix of KG and the way she kicks up her heels.
This used to be an intellectual newsey type of blog.
Now it is simply mindless and is attracting just that, mindlessness.
Not one topic is discussed in any detail by any of the members of the ATA team from 360...not one, except Kathy Griffin.

Anonymous said...

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any follow up discussion to the segment on the tough gun laws in the City of Chicago and still it's one of the deadliest cities. The majority of the shootings in Chicago are gang related and in certain areas of the city. If those killed aren't gang members they are often caught it gang cross fire or thought to be gang members. And as Ted Rowlands pointed out - you can go outside the city limits and buy guns and turn around and sell them in the city - so as Jeffrey Toobin pointed out the other night - until there are nation-wide laws that problem will always exist. Also, I don't think Chicago is a fair example for Newt - as the killing in Chicago aren't mass shootings, but rather individual - just several a night sometimes. I was wishing Anderson had brought up that point.

It was good to hear from Zaidoun and I hope Anderson will give an update on the situation in Syria soon - there was a prisoner trade Wednesday and I believe Assad gave a speech earlier in the week.

I found the extra funny and rather a well deserved slam to Kathy Griffin. The problem is I think she's too full of herself to get it.

@Anon 11:11 - I guess I missed the discussion of Kathy Griffin by the ATA Team along with your "newsey" comment on tonight's AC360.


Anonymous said...

360 was on but because of other stuff going on here, I was not able to pay real close attention. I did see that the lead story was the latest shooting at the California school and the issue of gun control. I was glad to see there wasn't a repeat of yesterday's gun segment but a different look at the same issue with different people (even if it was Gingrich). I did see Ted Rowlands good report on Chicago.

The rest of the show seemed to be a mix of stories I saw earlier on the Situation Room. The stories were still relevant and important but didn't need my 100% attention.

@Anon 11:11 pm - Kathy Griffin's interview with Letterman is relevant here because she discussed the NYE show with Anderson. You don't have to read that part or watch the video if you don't want to. Were you also pissed off about yesterday's clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show?
And if you want more intellectualism here, why not post something smart yourself? Did you see all the smart comments about yesterday's 360? If you want a topic discussed by ATA, introduce that topic here. Or start your own website about Anderson and /or 360 which has all the intellect and topics you feel are absent here on ATA.


Anonymous said...

Anon, why don't you add anything to the discussion then?

The debate about gun laws remains aggrivating. Especially the pseudo-argument of Chicago. Like Jenn mentioned, it is never going to work if everyone can just bring in tons of guns from outside the city. Strict gun laws work in every single western 1st world country but the USA because they are universally applied in the whole country.
And it just shows the wobbly ground Gingrich's argument is standing on when he has to resort to those kind of logical fallacies.

Of course this bs was also pickeed up by a guy on Piers Morgan as well. I agree that Anderson should have made it clearer why Chicago's gun policies are pretty futile.

The interview with Zaidoun was very moving. I don't even want to imagine what he has gone through. And I had the impression that something like this is a very realistic fear for Anderson himself.

I loved Anderson's and Sanjay's "flirty" and charming talk about the flu. It's scary stuff but at the same time Anderson's neurotic paranoia about the flu has almost become a running gag on both shows. And leave it to Sanjay to make Anderson freak out about various health issues..

Any chance of that clip being uploaded? :)

Anonymous said...

It does make me wonder why the chronic critics of AC on ATA who appear to not have a shred of respect for him as a reporter or human being haven't started their own blog so that they'd have a place to indulge in their favorite pastime of AC bashing 24/7, they are clearly not the normal breed of AC followers who may have an occasional criticism of him but who still admire him overall, so why are they even here?