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Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 1/23/13

PENTAGON TO OPEN COMBAT ROLLS TO WOMEN: Anderson Cooper and Chris Lawrence reporting

360 RAW POLITICS with John King, Rep. Tammy Duckworth and Margaret Hoover



Diane O'Meara

Anderson interviews Lawrence Wright, author of Going Clear

IT'S COLD! Randi Kaye reporting



A picture tweeted of Anderson with Suzanna Karpas that her granddaughter shared:

 Jason Wu tweeted a picture he took with Anderson:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart mentioned Anderson and CNN's Inauguration coverage last night (AC is on starting at about the 1:40 mark):

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

The Benghazi hearings WERE political theater and the GOP set the stage for Hillary to take the fall. How dare they.
Someone must remind the Republican Party that Bushy boy fought a war with the wrong country and they have hidden him for the last four years.
W. was the worst President we ever had. He gave us a phony war and then single handedly brought us the recession by deregulating all the financial institutions.
AND he let Clinton's ban on semi-automatic weapons expire in his second term.
He and his Party are repugnant and we're now paying the price.

Anonymous said...

I liked tonight's AC360 better than last night's and last night's was pretty good. I thought the lead story/panel was interesting and you could see Anderson's frustration when Tammy Duckworth wasn't letting him put words in her mouth and even Margaret Hoover was agreeing more with Duckworth and not buying into the narrative John King and Anderson were trying to sell.

I watched the Benghazi hearings for much of the day and found them fascinating. It really showed the partisanship and how the Republicans weren't really interested in finding ways to prevent such an event from happening again as much as they were looking to place blame on Hillary Clinton, Amb. Rice and the administration. They were clearly either unprepared and lacking in knowledge or too busy posturing. They wanted to know if the employees on leave were paid and why they hadn't been fired. Apparently they are not aware of the laws passed for such personnel matters. Fran was somewhat biased in her punditry, but did admit that Congress was more interesting in posturing than asking the hard questions. What wasn't discussed on AC360 and did come up in the hearings was how the U.S. Govt. is at the mercy of the Libyan Govt. in leading the investigation - how things work apparently with host nations. Nor did 360 bring up the funding cuts by Congress for U.S. Embassies and Consulates and how that was part of the findings - that funding was too low support our facilities and overseas staffs.

Although Anderson/AC360 didn't bring up the House Republicans trying to kick rising the debt ceiling down the road, part of the bill they passed says Congress can't be paid if action isn't taken by a certain date - which is in violation of the Constitution. Guess they aren't familiar with the document? Hopefully that will be a KTH segment tomorrow night.

I found the interview with Diane O'Meara interesting when she said she had no interest in meeting Tao and how she had been used. Social media has it's advantages but there are a lot of people using it for evil purposes.

I always enjoy Lawrence Wright and was happy to see him on AC360. A man that does his research and carries on an intelligent conversation with Anderson.

The RidicuList was funny - and loved that Anderson made it clear not to give your dog alcohol.

Saw The Daily Show last night and loved the line where Jon said "Really CNN? Have you just given up?" Jon is a master at what he does.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised 360 started with the story about women in combat. I really expected the lead story would be Hillary Clinton's testimony before a hearing about Benghazi, because of how much they covered Benghazi in the last few weeks. The panel was excellent - King was his usual smart self and Hoover was actually more sensible and middle-of-the-road than before. Then there was Rep. Tammy Duckworth!!! How perfect was that for a discussion on women in combat?

The panel on HIllary Clinton's testimony on Benghazi today was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of Fran Townsend but she said a few good things. I especially liked her comments about the senators not asking the right questions.

Thank Zeus for remote controls; allowing me to channelsurf during the Manti Te'O segment.

Anderson's interview with author Lawrence Wright on his Scientology book was pretty good. It's a great topic that deserves more time. Although it was great for Anderson to also have Wright on his daytime show, imagine what Phil Donahue could have done with this.

Now that the incredibly cold Arctic blast has reached the East Coast, it deserves a report on 360. Here in Minnesota it's old news.

I loved the Ridiculist; such a cute puppy and I'm glad he's feeling better. Anderson said "Remind me not to go drinking with an Australian vetrinarian." I had the opposite reaction. Not only would I go drinking with that guy, I'd buy him all his drinks.


aries moon said...

Not sure why Anderson was so determined to get Tammy Duckworth and Margaret Hoover to assert that the decision to allow women to go into combat was merely a slick political ploy by the President--glad to see neither of them taking the bait and both providing reasonable explanations for the decision. I've seen Hoover on a few episodes of Real Time and sometimes found her to be unbearable, but she is a far cry from the likes of Mary Matalin who never see past her partisan talking points.

It was also disappointing to hear Anderson's introduction to the Benghazi KTH--sounded to me like he was trying to imply that Hillary Clinton was engaging in "political posturing" and deliberately being evasive in her answers about the attack and not respecting the families lost loved ones. Hillary said repeatedly that there are still areas where there are no clear cut answers and that the investigation is ongoing--perhaps Anderson and those blowhard GOP politicians should take a long look at the non-partisan Accountability Review Board report that Hillary kept referring to. I do think Fran Townsend and Jake Tapper knew exactly what Hillary meant when she got frustrated with Ron Johnson and asked him what difference did it make what the reason was behind the attacks--she wasn't being "glib" as Tapper said, it seemed to me she was just sick and tired of Republicans rehashing and politicizing something that is still being investigated and that she wants to move forward to prevent it from happening again. Rand Paul, Rubio and McCain were laughable trying to trip up Hillary. None of them are fit to speak her name.

Never cared for Jake Tapper and I won't be watching his show--CNN has itself another Obama-basher that they can add to their stable of Obama-bashers. Tapper belongs on Fox with Ed Henry.

Anonymous said...

Bravo anon 9:56.