Sunday, January 06, 2013

2012 New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin

Prior to anchoring CNN's New Year's Eve Live program, Anderson stated his resolutions to the crowd in Times Square.  Apparently it's tradition via a 'Tweet' photo from AC360 producer Jack Gray.

First Hour:  10:00pm - 11:00pm ET

Second Hour:  11:00pm - Midnight ET

This is what happens during commercial breaks - Anderson and the crew eat pizza!

Third Hour:  12 Midnight ET until AC tossed to Brooke Baldwin at 12:30amET

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the videos. :) I've watched a couple so far and I find the two very amusing. There is just something about Kathy making Anderson uncomfortable that is just hilarious. I love the banter between them!

A couple of things I found a bit crude and well, the bj thing.. I guess a joke like that is only "acceptable" between people who are good friends but in my opinion it went on a bit too long.

And because this will probably come up again: I don't think that CNN as an obligation to to turn this into a kids-friendly show just because Anderson reported on the the Newtown shooting. People know Kathy's brand of humor and it is the responsibility of the parents to choose what they think is suitable for their children to watch. I also feel that a bit of sexual comedy is the least problem the USA have when it comes to problems in society, which seem more violence related. Context matters.

Anyway, that was uplifting. I had a nightmare tonight about Anderson dying and some tv channel showed an image of him lying dead on the street. Don't know if he died for a heart attack or was killed in a war zone but for a few minutes I was still semi-asleep and thought it had actually happened. Don't know where this came from. Really disturbing. :( So watching those two is the perfect antidote.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I try to leave my disappointment to myself when it comes to Anderson. I know he isn't perfect and he has done things in the past that I don't agree with, but I am sorry this is the worst thing I have ever seen him do. I know it got good ratings but I wonder what everyone thought about it. I have seen some comments about the fact that young children stay up and watch these things and I just can't help but what parents think or the children for that matter that watch this especially at the end when she was trying to go down on him. He should have cut to commercial (or CNN should have) and stopped her, but no he let it go on like they had practiced this and intended for it to happen.

He does such great work and just coming off the Newtown stories and this just makes me sick.

I am all for him having fun and even though I wasn't thrilled with him doing a daytime show I gave him a chance. I don't get to see it much, but would watch the clips here and some of them I enjoyed and some not so much, but I wouldn't speak out because I figured it was something he enjoyed and what I might not enjoy others would, but this NYE thing just changed my mind about him.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I saw Anderson's boyfriend Benjamin on the platform, he was on camera for a few minutes and Kathy Griffin's boyfriend was also there too. I guess some people are tired of AC&KG, but the ratings were very good and I enjoyed the show like I always do.

Anonymous said...

Kathy is not a friend to Anderson at all. She should have stopped teasing him when he told her too. It was not in good taste, but in the end there are worse things I have seen on TV. Anderson is still my favorite journalist.

Anonymous said...

@12:09PM: You're way too polite in your disappointment.
He would never cut to a commercial because this is the real him....unfortunately and yes, it does effect his credibility as a journalist.
He acts like a nine year old and personally, I want a mature adult
giving me the news.
He's very self absorbed and knows exactly what Kathy Griffin is up to.
It's all part of an act, that sooner or later will disappear, like his day show.
Glad to see that his so called friend Kelly Ripa beat the "pants off of him," ratings wise and she did it her way.
The only way CNN wins is to go 'blue.'

Anonymous said...

Hey Anons you forgot to preface your comments with "It is my opinion" like a certain non US poster asked you to do. I may sound harsh, but I don't lie someone who is new to the board coming here and trying to dictate to us how we should post our comments, after all we have been doing this for over 6 years.

I didn't watch but a few minutes of the NYE show and it seems a good thing I didn't. However, from what I have read on FB and other sites no one really had a great show, it seems with the death of Dick Clark NYE is in a ratings down turn.

Anonymous said...

The obsessed anti-AC critics who revel in his "failures" are some really sad cases. Too bad they can't see how ridiculous they are, he's so awful to them, but the grip he holds on them is unbreakable apparently. I'd say Anderson's far more of a "mature adult" than these people who gripe about him daily instead of moving on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the entire broadcast becuase I missed it on New Years Eve, so thank you for posting it! Ryan Seacrest was on at our home for New Years Eve because there were little kids and I knew how Kathy would be. New Years Rockin Eve was still titled under Dick Clark's name which made it depressing, not to mention the 2 hour special about him. Isn't this New Year's Eve? Should be a happy occasion, not a memoriam, with all do respect. Anyway, perhaps ABC should completely rename the show next year. David Letterman to my surprise even commented about it when Kathy Griffin was on his show, to where the entire audience agreed by applause.

I do have my opinions about the 2+ hours I just watched. I like Kathy Griffin and Anderson together but she needs to stop with the constant interruptions. It was okay a few times but it became way too constant. I agree she may have been inappropriate but it was very funny. It just doesn't seem like the type of special that should be simulcasted all over the world on CNN International. The other main thing was that this year (and in years past), there have been way too many pointless segments. I don't care about what happens in small towns across the country. Kathy also made it obvious to how boring it was. Gary Tuchman in Maine, Susan Hendricks, and Brooke Baldwin. All pointless live shots. Keep it in the heart of America at Times Square if you ask me.

The format of the program should revert back from 11:00PM to 12:30AM, keeping it in Times Square, while showing clips from every major city in the world of how they rung in the new year, not just a few. No more small towns in America. As much as I love this country, it was all just too pointlessly boring. In my city, we never turn to the local news to see what is happening downtown because it's too boring. Times Square is the full package.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/7/13 12:21 AM:

I couldn't agree more. It's a bit like that guy who couldn't get the girl and now stalks her, starts to hate her and tells himself "Oh, she was ugly and a you know what anyway!"

Anon 1/7/13 12:17 AM:

I don't care how long you have been doing this. Criticism doesn't become invalid just because someone has been doing something for a couple of years. And after all no one keeps you from continuing to post in that style. It's just my personal opinion and someone agreed with me but make up your own mind.

My opinion remains that CNN has no obligation to cater to the families of victims of tragedies they covered.
And that people make too much of a fuss about sexual comedy (or a rude gesture at the Super Bowl, which was put on the Ridiculist) but at the same time defend gun culture and worry about victims of said gun culture being confronted with.. *gasp* a bit of sexual comedy?

Anon 1/6/13 5:40 PM:

Awww, that's lovely to hear. :)

Anonymous said...

Now I've noticed Ben standing next to the two on the platform in one video, smiling at their antics. Aww, it's nice that their both had their boyfriends with them.

Anonymous said...

To those who are disenchanted with criticism of Cooper....there has to be more than one person who is critical, otherwise his day show wouldn't have been dropped.
One person doesn't a rating make, and secondly, his knew boss doesn't seem to over the moon, about him either.
As for putting IMHO, of course this is all in everyone's opinion.
That goes without saying. A blog is someone's opinion about something or someone.
It doesn't make it fact, unless of course it actually a show being cancelled.

Anonymous said...

The only thing funny about what goes on with that leg humping dog every NYE is not haha funny as much as it's tsktsk funny in that she does something lewd and lascivious every year where as any other person would be arrested and put in jail for--she gets away with it. Public lewd and lascivious acts in most towns/cities are illegal, the funniest NYE show to me will be when she gets seriously arrested for her "funny" little stunts and put in jail. She's not above the law...