Friday, February 22, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, February 22, 2013

While Anderson continues his vacation (Jake Tapper was in the AC360 anchor chair again tonight), we continue to take a break from covering the news of the day. Tonight, we bring you the fifth segment of the Special Edition of AC360, "Hope Survives: 30 Years of AIDS" that originally aired January 14, 2011.

Margaret Cho opened the fifth semgment wirh her AIDS Moment, which reflected on the large number of AIDS patients in the early years in San Francisco who died from AIDS.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director NIAID joined Anderson and Phil Wilson in the studio and Sir Elton John in the discussion about recent medical advancements for people that are HIV positive ~

Barry Manilow ended the segment with his AID Moment.  

We hope you join us Sunday for the final installment of this look back at a Special Edition of AC360.

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Anonymous said...

What is happening to AC360 and CNN? I watched the first two nights Anderson was off and thought Chris Cuomo did a good job. This past week was another story. I'm over Wolf Blitzer - he's already on three hours a day and Jake Tapper just looks angry all the time to me. The more major thing that stood out, is that I checked the AC360 website to see what stories they covered because 5 minutes or either Wolf or Tapper was more than I wanted, and it seems like all the stories were on the tabloid news side. It looked like there were two actual news stories out of all five days and while Drew Griffin's investigation may have had some good information, his delivery is so dry it puts me to sleep.

I hope this isn't an indication of what AC360 is going to be in the future with Zucker in charge. If that's the case, I hope Anderson leaves CNN and the quicker the better. He's a newsman/reporter, not a tabloid teleprompter reading anchor.

Anonymous said...

I like Wolf Blitzer but I just couldn't make it through the whole show with Chris or Jake on. Just not my style of news ancors. That's one of the reasons I appriciate Anderson and also Wolf so much.

Two theories:

Either it makes a big difference in the topics that are being covered if Anderson is there or absent and the fill in ancors didn't really have much of a say (or they did any they tend towards the tabloid topics)...

...or this is Zucker's influence. Which sadly is not that unlikely because he's produced a lot of failures and where he managed to improve ratings he decreased quality. Does anyone know the ratings for AC360 this week? Because who knows, maybe people like the tabloid light-weight stuff?

Anyway, in case of the latter and if Anderson has no way to stop that trend I second Anon 8:34 and hope that he moves on to another channel. I really hope it was just AC360 in vacation mode.