Saturday, February 09, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, February 8, 2013

Anderson Cooper was in the NYC studio and two big stories were the focus of the 8PM ET hour of AC360

* Jason Carroll was reporting from Boston, MA
* Ali Velshi was in Dennis Point, MA (Cape Cod).  Enjoy a funny moment between Ali and Anderson during Ali's first report ~

* Poppy Harlow from Providence, R.I.
* Ashleigh Banfield from Greenwich, CT
* Chad Myers in the CNN Weather Center
* Chris Cuomo in Columbus Circle, NYC

* Update report by Randi Kaye and follow up discussion with Anderson
* Anderson with John Miller, CBS This Morning Senior Correspondent
* A report on Dorner's manifesto defense by Anderson ~

* Anderson with Chris Mohandie, Former LAPD psychologist
* Anderson with Charles Moose, Former Police Chief, Montgomery Co, Md. about the similarities to the 2002 DC area sniper case

Anderson was back live for two more hours of coverage of the two breaking news stories ~

* Jason Carroll in Boston, MA
* Ali Velshi, Dennis Port, MA (Cape Code)
* Chad Myers, CNN Weather Center
* Poppy Harlow, Providence, RI
* Chris Cuomo, Columbus Circle, NYC
* Gary Tuchman, Staten Island, NY
* Ashleigh Banfield, Greenwich, CT

* Replay of Randi Kaye's report and live follow up discussion with Anderson
* Replay of Anderson's discussion with John Miller, CBS This Morning Senior Correspondent

(Highlights:  Ashleigh was visited by a cross county skier and a 9-month old baby girl out for a walk with her parents; Gary and/or his cameraman came close to being taken out by a snow plow;  Jason Carroll (and his crew) got hot-chocolate, cookies and a bit of warmth from a nice lady across the street from where they were filming; Ali was jealous of  Jason getting hot chocolate; Anderson gave Chris Cuomo his CNN jacket and cap to use while reporting from Columbus Circle; Ashleigh talked about a "president's ruler" to Anderson and Anderson thought she had been out in the cold too long until she explained it to him.)

Ashleigh's live shot with Anderson ~


* Ali Velshi, Dennis Port, MA
* Jason Carroll, Boston, MA
* Chad Myers, CNN Weather Center
* Julian Cummings, CNN producer, on phone driving around streets of Boston

* Replay of Randi Kaye's report and follow up discussion with Anderson (from the 10pm hour)
* Replay of Anderson's discussion with Charles Moose, Former Police Chief, Montgomery Co, Md. about the similarities to the 2002 DC area sniper case
* Replay of Anderson's report on Dorner's manifesto defense from the 8PM ET hour (posted above)
* Anderson played a pre-taped interview with Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, about Droner's military qualifications

(Highlights:  Ali was visited by two random local residents who had cabin fever; Ali found a store open on Cape Code; Anderson kept seeing a flashing light over Jason Carroll's head and Jason didn't see it; and a "Save Ali Velshi" Twitter account was created!)

AC360 Transcript
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Malynn said...

Hi there,

I was your cross country skier on Greenwich Ave tonight. Fun to meet you! Hope you enjoyed the beautiful, snowy night and stayed safe in your drive back. Thanks for your great work Anderson, Ashleigh and all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, ATA, for the line-ups and info for the later hours, I was able to see only the 8 pm hour. If it wasn't for the blizzard, 360 would have been one hour all on Dorner. Instead, Anderson went back and forth between the snow and Dorner (my apologies for calling him Donner in yesterday's post).

I was more interested in the blizzard news. Near the start Anderson said, "... possibly more snow than anyone has seen in generations." Say what? Maybe that's true for the northeastern U.S. but around here we've seen it often.

If you're on Google and type in "1991 Halloween bl" it will immediately supply search topics regarding the 10/31 - 11/3/1991 blizzard in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The official total at the Minneapolis airport was 28.4" of snow. The weather front carrying the blizzard was stalled because of other fronts. So it stayed over our heads for three days, dumping more and more snow.

I can sympathize with what the northeast is going through. But I don't think of it as anything extraordinary or special.


aries moon said...

The weather segments with all of the correspondents were well done and occasionally funny, even though a big storm like that is no laughing matter, the lighter moments with AC, Jason, Ali, Poppy and Ashleigh were fun to watch. It was also good to see Anderson on for three live hours. I'm not all that familiar with Chris Cuomo, but he came off nicely during his segment with AC.

Anonymous said...

So much AC360 yesterday. :)

The first hour was good and informative and so far I like how Anderson is handling the topic. Even if Dorner send DVDs to other channels, and as far as I know no news of that so far, he send Anderson the coin/medal of which he had only one, so I assume he was the most important person for him to address.

I like that Anderson tries to appeal to Dorner to turn himself in in case he is watching the program. I guess this is about as far as the police would allow him to get involved.

Which brings me to Chris Cuomo's debut. He's okay for a morning show I guess but I'd rather see him fill in for Piers than for Anderson. Of course I don't know how much of yesterday's show was teleprompter and how much were his own words and style but whatever it was, I prefer Anderson, Wolf and Sanjay. I can listen to them for ages without finding it obnoxious.

What really bothered me yesterday: Anderson's appeals to Dorner make sense and he seems to be very careful about his rethorics.
They did an appeal like that on Piers Morgan as well but not without Chris first suggesting that Dorner seems to be a madman. I actually slapped my forhead when I heard this. You can't use this kind of rethorics and then expect your appeal to him, trying to sell to him that his chance of his story being told is to turn himself in, is going to sound genuine. Really unwise and kind of counter-productive to what AC360 tries to do. :(

I did only watch the first 70 minutes of the other two hours but the whole storm reporting was surprisingly entertaining and fun. Poor poor Ali! XD I hope he got his hot chocolate later.

Anonymous said...

I thought the storm coverage was really good. Anderson is the best. I also thought Poppy Harlow and Ali did a fantastic job. I am not so sure about Chris Cuomo though.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza- it's not a competition, but I think the point is the speed - we are way over 30" here in Boston, and it's not even 24 hours. Sarah

Anonymous said...

@Sarah - I didn't mean to make it sound like a competition only to demonstrate that this kind of blizzard happens occasionally elsewhere. We've been there, done that... with the exception of having a reporter stand and report next to an ocean. We have lakes but no oceans.

Hope you're hunkered down and have plenty of supplies including an industrial-strength snowblower.