Friday, February 15, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Chicago Friday, February 15, 2013

AC360 was Live from Chicago and Chris Cuomo was once again filling in for Anderson Cooper.

BREAKING NEWS, DORNER DIED FROM SINGLE GUNSHOT WOUND TO THE HEAD, Sheriff's  Department, Information seems to indicate it was self-inflicted:  Chris and Randi Kay reporting

CHICAGO TORN BY DEADLY GUN VIOLENCE, President visits hometown to directly address the situation:  Report by Ted Rowlands
CHICAGO HOPE, Searching for solutions to gun violence in the Windy City:  Chris follows up with Tio Hardiman, Director, CeaseFire Illinois

METEOR STREAKS ACROSS RUSSIAN SKY, Explodes with flash and sonic boom, causing injuries:  Report by Jim Bolton and Chris follows up with Lawrence Kraus, Professor, Arizona State University

'BLADE RUNNER' IN COURT IN SOUTH AFRICA, Oscar Pistorius charged with murdering his model girlfriend:  Chris discusses with Robyn Curnow, Johannesburg, South Africa

KIDS OFF THE BLOCK, Diane Latiker offers Chicago kids a place to escape violence:  Chris Cuomo reporting (it was taped earlier in the day, despite the LIVE bug being up)

THE CASE AGAINST NEW GUN LAWS, NRA calls on members to "stand and fight":  Anderson Cooper's interview with David Keene, NRA President (obviously taped earlier in the week, despite the LIVE bug being up)

PEACEMAKERS BASKETBALL LEAGUE, Rival gangs face off on the hardwood:  Report by Gary Tuchman  (taped a few days ago despite the Live bug being up) and follow up with Chris


BLOGGER'S COMMENTARY:  While I thought Chris Cuomo did a fine job subbing for Anderson, I was really disappointed with tonight's AC360.  Why bother to send Chris to Chicago and then lead with a story on how Dorner died?  We knew he was dead and AC360 devoted the whole hour on Wednesday night recapping the events that they had reported on for endless hours as it played out, not to mention an AC360 Special "Killer Cop:  Inside  the Hunt for Christopher Dorner" airing at 10pm ET tonight.  Given Chris was in Chicago, this should have been a bulletin mention.  Maybe it's just me, but the court appearance of Oscar Pistorius in South Africa today, should also have been a bulletin mention.  And the meteor streaking across the Russian Sky - the second half hour at best, but again a bulletin mention.  I feel that the violence in Chicago warranted an hour; especially when there were no deaths associated with the cruise ship story which was given endless hours of coverage last night and there were over 500 gun related deaths in Chicago last year.  (As stated in the program, Chicago has a "Sandy Hook" every month.)   Gangs were mentioned/addressed in a couple of the reports, but there was no in-depth discussion of the gang problem, and until the discussion starts there, the rest is pretty pointless.  While Chicago gets a lot of negative press time for gun violence, it ranks #79 in the list of the top #100 most dangerous cities.  The President hit the nail on the head in identifying the problem and offered ways to address during his speech in Chicago today, if only AC360 had followed his lead and dug deep into the problem vs. airing  Anderson's interview with the NRA President that didn't make the cut the last two nights, along with other non-related segments that were bulletin mentions at best.  While Chris had a good report and a good interview, and Gary's report was good, the rest of the content was lacking; there was no report on Chicago's gun laws and the gun laws advancing in the IL state legislature, etc.   Again, Chris did a good job in my opinion.  The problem was with much of the program content and that's an AC360 staff/CNN problem.   I was hoping things would get better under Zucker, and maybe they will given time, but from what I've seen the changes have been more to the tabloid, exploitative type reporting vs. hard news and addressing real problems.  This saddens me.    Wonz.

AC360  posted the following video to their Website today.  The interview appears to have taken place on Thursday, February 7th.  Apparently the breaking news of the next few days kept this interview from airing.  We're glad they at least posted it to the Website as it's an interesting interview.

Cooper on veterans and mental illness 
Actor Bradley Cooper tells Anderson Cooper why his recent movie role inspired him to raise awareness about mental health.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

It does seem senseless to send Chris to Chicago and then not delve into Chicago gun laws and the gun laws before the state legislature in Il.
David Keene seems far more reasonable than his CEO of the NRA,
Wayne LaPierre, who IMHO, should resign.
Bradley Cooper made the rounds of talkshows this week to promote his movie and the topic of Veterans
and mental health is an important one considering the number of suicides that are occurring, when vets arrive home.
However, I hope it is not 360's intention to interject celebrities into the topical discussions every week, whether they are news worthy or not.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated 360 having some other news on Friday and not being entirely about gun violence in Chicago. While the report on Dorner's death was new, I would have put the Russian meteor story first. The news about Dorner wasn't surprising. How often do you get video of a meteor crashing?

And the meteor, like the Pistorius news, was international. I have heard indirectly that CNN has cut back on international reporters stationed around the world. That's understandable but how about connecting with local reporters like 360 did with Robyn Cornow in South Africa?

Still need some time to get used to Cuomo.