Monday, February 11, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 2/11/13

TWO ARRESTS IN DEATH OF CHICAGO TEEN: Ted Rowlands reporting from Chicago
Follow up phone interview by Anderson with a cousin of the victim

MANHUNT FOR ALLEGED KILLER: Randi Kaye reporting from California

MASSIVE MANHUNT FOR EX-COP, DAY 5: Anderson speaks with John Miller

HISTORIC RESIGNATION: Anderson Cooper reporting
POPE BENEDICT RESIGNS: Barbie Latza Nadeau and John Allen discuss


THE MAN WHO KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN....IS SCREWED: Anderson interviews Phil Bronstein, Esquire contributor




There were quite a few people tweeting pics of AC filming on the streets of NYC this morning. We have no clue what he's working on but we thank our diligent readers who continue to search Twitter and share their finds. 

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Anonymous said...

This was a very good 360. There was a variety of stories and excellent interviews. Anderson was on-the-ball and engaged, the interview with John Miller and Phil Bronstein were especially good and informative.

On a personal note, even though I've distanced myself from the Catholic church, I'm still disappointed in Pope Benedict's resignation. I can understand being old and tired but when he took the job he knew it was supposed to be for the rest of his life. It sets a bad precedent. Benedict will never be as beloved as John Paul II.

Phil Bronstein had many good comments but the one that stood out to me was the one about 'The Shooter' and his fellow soldiers wanting to tell their story, they are not Superman, they're human, they're fathers and they need help.

At the end of the Bulletin, the clip of the little boy playing peek-a-boo behind the lecturn was so gosh darn cute.

And here's Homer for his review on the Ridiculist, "Mmmm bacon." My favorite person in the Ridiculist was the woman wearing the old-style horned Viking hat.


aries moon said...

Glad to hear that there have been arrests in the case of the promising Chicago teen--it's so sad to hear about these senseless killings knowing that another child with potential has been silenced.

Great insight from Phil Bronstein on the member of Seal Team 6 who killed Osama bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed about half of the show I guess. The segment on Dorner and the Chicago shooting were great.

About military hit men and snipers I am always in two minds. I felt bad for the guy who killed Bin Laden. The least they can do it to take care of their assassines after they did the dirty work for them.

The funeral of the sniper left me shrugging. I kind of feel bad for his family. Okay, I also feel a bit bad for him because he was used as a killer by authorities in what was an illegal war. But then selling tasteless stuff in his online shop and those religious rethorics that sounded just like the christian version of what islamists would say... brrr.

I tuned out when they talked about Ratzinger. I just despise the whole club. But his decision might suggest that the guy actually has some sort of conscience because what happened in the past years affected him. Maybe in the wrong way, he probably feels his poor church is just the victim here, but at least it affected him negatively which is good. It should.

And they had it coming since they sort of elected him against his will. I remember when in my country everyone was like "Wow, imagine they would choose Ratzinger. Haha, well, that would be such a desaster. They wouldn't be crazy enough to choose someone that conservative." As a cardinal he had gotten on peoples' nerves for ages with his backwards, super-conservative anti-gay, anti-condom, anti-choice, anti-ecumenism views. Especially because he's such a well educated and intelligent man and should have known better.

Anyway, since he is still alive, does he still have immunity now? I wish they could charge him and other authorities with covering up child abuse.
The bad thing about the popes usually resigning via death was that they got away with everything. JPII committed indirect genocide against millions, particularly Africans, with his stance on safe sex and he is still admired like a saint. Makes me sick.

I'm curious about what the segment Anderson filmed out in the street will be about.