Monday, February 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, February 25, 2013

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair tonight!  Here's the rundown:

BREAKING NEWS, "THE LAST TIME WE SAW A SNOW STORM LIKE THIS WAS 1971," Drivers stranded in Texas, Oklahoma:  Reporting by Anderson Cooper and Chad Myers

UNHOLY ALLEGATIONS, Controversy shrouds papal succession:  Report by Ben Wedeman and Anderson's follow up with John Allen & Chrsitiane Amanpour

BLAME GAME:  Report by Anderson Cooper
COUNTDOWN TO FORCED SPENDING CUTS, No signs of compromise as deadline looms:  Anderson's follow up with Gloria Borger, Charles Blow & Ross Douthat

FAMILY LOST AT SEA, Final message to Coast Guard, "We are abandoning ship":  Anderson and Dan Simon reporting

SEX, LIES, AND AUDIOTAPE, Arias says she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense:  Report by Randi Kaye and Anderson's follow up with Mark Geragos and Jeffrey Toobin

Update on the breaking news - the snowstorm in Texas, Okalhoma, moving into Kansas:  Reporting by Anderson and Chad Myers



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Anonymous said...

YAY! Anderson's back! Monday's 360 had a variety of stories, some better than others but overall I was glad to see Anderson back at the desk.

Does anyone not in Oklahoma or Texas or know people there really care about the blizzard? Blizzards can be awful and dramatic but if it's not affecting me personally, it's just not worth much time.

The Vatican report was really good. That mess has been a long time coming and personally I can't see how the Pope (whoever is Pope) can wiggle out of it. And Christiane Amanpour was back! Great seeing her again.

The best part of the show was the discussion between Toobin and Geragos about the Arias murder trial. This segment started out feeling too much like Nancy Grace but Toobin had a terrific talk about it all. A real discussion, not just answering Anderson's questions.

The Ridiculist was meh. The breakfast soda topic was a weak excuse to link together four video clips. While it was fun seeing the 'Anderson and Coke Blak' video again, overall the Ridiculist wasn't that good.

The two comments for last Friday's post made me check the 360 transcripts for what "tabloid" stories were covered last week. I didn't watch most of last week and am now glad I didn't watch Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. According to the transcripts page, the Randi Kaye special about Oscar Pistorius was repeated those three days. Maybe it was a really slow news week, maybe the 360 crew wanted their own vacations and didn't bother to put together new shows. Wednesday at 10 PM looked like it was new, so at least that's something.

But isn't this sweeps month? I'd think Zucker would want Anderson to postpone his vacation until sweeps were over. Or at least produce *new* news shows for viewers.


Anonymous said...

60 minutes sport episode will air on march 6th

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Anderson back! :) I've really missed him on AC360.

I liked the whole show, especially the segment on the vatican and the level of hypocrisy and the ridiculist, which was really funny. Still not a fan of the mini previews during the breaks.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes, I am so glad that Anderson is back. I would love to see Christiane Amanpour more often on his show.