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Anderson Cooper 360 Monday, February 28, 2013

With Anderson Cooper on vacation ( Wolf Blitzer was in the anchor chair tonight) we decided to take a break from covering the news of the day, too.   On last Monday's 'Anderson Live' Anderson spoke with Peter Staley about the movie "How To Survive a Plague."  (If you missed that, we've included it in the Extras below.)  The documentary is up for an Academy Award on Sunday and is Anderson's pick to win.   We thought this was the perfect time to post the complete special AC360 aired on January 14, 2011 on 30 years of AIDS.  We will post a segment of the special over the next five nights and the final segment on Sunday.

On January 14, 2011 Anderson was hosting an extra (special) hour of AC360 in the run up to Piers Morgan Tonight's debut.  Here's the first segment of that special hour ~

While Anderson speaks to a wide variety of people over the course of the hour and others share their "AIDS Moment," much of the first segment was Anderson and Sir Elton John.  Anderson has hosted Sir Elton's AIDS fundraiser in NYC for several years and also been involved with other charity events for fighting AIDS and the stigma that's attached.   Thanks to a reader who reminded us of this special as we were able to dig back in the ATA archives and find the full hour.  


From 'Anderson Live' Monday, February 11.  Anderson talks with Peter Staley about "How To Survive A Plague" and also a web extra from that day ~

Anderson posed with a few lucky fans in Rio on Sunday and the following article appeared.  (The translation is rough.)


And a group photo from Saturday night was posted to an Instagram page today ~

(Leo Neves, mentioned in the article below, is on the far left.)

Anderson Cooper is enjoying the summer in Rio de Janeiro
Who is enjoying a relaxing break in Rio de Janeiro is almost anonymously CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. The boy, who has several friends in the city - the stylist Leo Neves between them - was in SapucaĆ­ this weekend to see the parade of champions and enjoyed Sunday on Ipanema beach. His flight back to the U.S. is in the coming days, but he still has to make several programinhas locals.

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