Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chris Cuomo was in the AC360 anchor chair tonight.  Anderson tweeted about it earlier in the evening ~

Here's a rundown what was covered during the 8PM ET Hour of AC360:

BREAKING NEWS, CRUISE SHIP NIGHTMARE:  (Ship is due into port later tonight)
Chris spoke with:
* Victor Blackwell, riding along the cruise ship (in another boat)
* Chad Myers in the CNN weather center, talking ship's path and current
* Kayla Robles & Eric Robles Passenger, Carnival Triumph (on the phone)
* Tisha Duhon, Sister of passenger Kayla Robles & Theresa Gaspard, Mother of passenger Kayla Robles  (waiting at the dock in Mobile, Alabama)
* Dr. Sanjay Gupta
* Erin Burnett (on the dock in Mobile, Alabama)
* Haley Meyer , Passenger, Carnival Triumph (on the phone)
* Jay Jerring, Fmr. Sr. Officer, Carnival Cuise Lines and author, "The Truth About Cruise Ships"

'BLADE RUNER' CHARGED WITH MURDER, Oscar Pistorius accused of killing his girlfriend in South Africa:  Report by Robin Curnow (in Johannesburg, South Africa) and follow up with Chris

BREAKING NEWS, CALIFORNIA SHOOTING RAMPAGE, Charred remains in cabin are Christopher Dorner:  Chris discussed with Randi Kaye who should get the $1 Million reward

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN:  Susan Hendricks

10PM ET Hour:
AC360 with Chris Cuomo in the anchor chair was back live as the cruise ship was minutes away from docking:

BREAKING NEWS, CRUISE SHIP ARRIVES IN MOBILE, It will take up to five hours for all to disembark:
* News conference with Terry Thornton, Dr. VP, Carnival Cruise Lines
* Martin Savidge
* Chad Myers
* Haley Meyer (Passenger on the phone)
* Patricia & Darren Blake, Haley's mother and father (on the dock)
* Eric Robles (Passenger on the phone)
*  Tisha Duhon, Sister of passenger Kayla Robles & Theresa Gaspard, Mother of passenger Kayla Robles (on the dock)
* Larry Poret,  Tony Zaheer, Robin Chandler & John Goebel, Retired U.S. Coast Guard Inspector (Passengers, on the phone)
* Erin Burnett from the dock in Mobile, Alabama
* Sanjay Gupta
* News conference with Gerry Cahill, CEO Carnival Cruise Lines
* Jay Jerring, Fmr. Sr. Officer, Carnival Cuise Lines and author, "The Truth About Cruise Ships"

NOTE:  There was a commercial for an AC360 Special "KILLER COP, Inside the Hunt for Christopher Dorner"  Tomorrow night at 10PM ET that played several times during AC360.


On Tuesday night's The Daily Show, Jon was talking about "mini" things and when he said "mini-Cooper" a mini-Anderson popped up!  Jon continued to have fun with "mini-Anderson" and imagined him in a variety of scenarios ~


And at the end of the segment, "Mini-Anderson" made another appearance ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Even before the 'mini cooper bit,' Jon did a fantastic parody of Marc Rubio's thurst quenching moment.
After drinking a full glass of water, he applied make-up to his face and speared it all over his lips to keep them moist.
And smartly he quipped,"Obama spoke for over and hour, and this guy needed water after two minutes!"
Yes, imagine the POTUS could speak to an entire audience, made of those tea party haters, and HE didn't need water.
Our President was calm, cool, and collected.
Now that comes with confidence, and the GOP might just start looking for a new star.
Rubio isn't going to make it.

Anonymous said...

I was 8 or 9 minutes late to 360. Did Chris Cuomo say anything at the start about why Anderson wasn't there? I hope he's on assignment somewhere instead of sick.

Just like the Dorner story, more than a half hour of the ship story got boring. You had to be keenly interested in this to stay. There was a few minutes for Oscar Pistorius and a quick wrap-up for Dorner which was appreciated.

Cuomo was okay but takes some getting used to. The chipper-ness and the cheerleading got to me; "Tell all your friends..." to tune into CNN for the ship docking, You must stay with CNN, you won't see this anywhere else..."
The only real problem was the interview with Herring, who had a really apt analogy comparing Carnival's Triumph ship to an old car. Cuomo cut him off abruptly. he whole segment should have been given another minute or two. Perhaps not Cuomo's decision to end it that way, perhaps the director or producer. Hopefully, Herring was given more time in the second hour.

Anybody know what Anderson is doing and when he'll be back?

Thanks for the 'Daily Show' clip. Anderson has got to go there and scold Jon for making fun of him.


aries moon said...

anon 11:45, Stephen Colbert also did a really funny bit on Rubio and watergate.

I couldn't sit through Cuomo, it's as though he's trying way too hard to be liked and he goes overboard with all of the happy talk and it just comes off cheesy. I've heard some people say that Anderson is better in the field than as an anchor, but watching Cuomo tonight only cemented my view that Anderson is one of the BEST anchors on television--he knows how to handle interviews appropriately and treats his guests and viewers like adults. Something seems off about Cuomo's delivery, maybe he needs more time to get used to his new network.

The cruise ship story was not so important that it had to take up the majority of the show. The Hagel vote should've been given more prominence.

I saw a couple of tweets from people who saw AC at the airport tonight and he doesn't appear to be taping the daytime show next week--perhaps it's an actual vacation for him and not a working one this time.

The ATA Team said...

We're not going to turn this blog into a bash Chris Cuomo site, so if you can't say anything nice please don't say anything at all. We get it, he's not Anderson, but let's give him a chance and also focus on the news.

aries moon said...

I only mentioned Cuomo and my feelings about him because he's new to CNN and was subbing for AC. I'm not trying to be nasty or complain but I am curious as to all sorts of negativity about Anderson was allowed on this site and ATCNN for a long time, but Chris Cuomo criticism is off limits. I don't have any intention of bashing him here 24/7 which is what some posters have done with AC--I just thought it would be ok to express our feelings about him the way we seem to do here with AC.

Anonymous said...

Folks, it looks to me as though Chris is going to be taking over the 8PM hour.
Everyone has their own style and no he is not Anderson, and that is what Jeff Zucker wanted. This was his choice.
Something was wrong with CNN operating the way it was and he decided to go in a different direction.
Chris has his following as well as Anderson, and Anderson will probably still be doing the 10PM hour and yes, Anderson does his best work in the field. If that were not true his ratings as an anchor would have been higher all along.

The ATA Team said...

@aries moon, Your comment about CC wasn't what prompted our action. We have always tried to give the new men (and women) time to find their footing and after rejecting several comments that were just too childish and non constructive to post we decided to try and put a stop to the non constructive negativity, at least for the time being.
As for ATC it is run and moderated in a very different way than ATA is. But then I'm sure you have been a reader of both enough to see the difference.

aries moon said...

@The ATA Team, I understand and agree--thanks for the reply.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in NY State when Mario Cuomo was the former Governor, can see that both of his sons, Chris and Andrew, are very much in sync, with their Dad.
Mario was always controlled, somewhat tempermental, but always reasonable, personable, and very articulate.
There was talk of his running for the Presidency, but it never happened.
However, He must be very proud of both of his sons.
They have their own style and are tireless workers, but neither are exceptionally emotive.
As a personal aside, Mario and the late Ed Koch never got along.
(A tidbit from the NYPost)
Not all liberals think alike.