Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 2/5/13


Follow up interviews with Aaron Poland (bus driver's son), John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) and Ed Smart (father of kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart)

TOO FAT TO SERVE: Anderson Cooper reporting

N.J. GOV. CHRISTIE ON WEIGHT STRUGGLE: Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with Anderson



 QUEST FOR RICHARD III: Richard Quest reporting

And just because we love us some Richard Quest:



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Anonymous said...

Chris Christie's weight problem may well keep him from running in 016.
Although he makes lite of this fact and says he feels great, it will take a toll on him.
Hillary has taken a wait and see attitude about her next run.
She also is probably waiting to see if any health issues arise.
But SHE is the only one who can probably beat Christie, should either decide to run.

Anonymous said...

I was ten minutes late to 360. Anderson was just finishing the family's statement, including the part about wanting privacy. I'm glad Anderson did not state the boy's last name on the air but still believe 360 people behind the scenes have requested interviews with family members. That's just the nature of the business. If the family wants to do an interview, 360 wants to get them before Barbara Walters does.

Even better than the Katie Beers interview yesterday was today's panel with fathers John Walsh and Ed Smart; good questions and great answers.

360 shouldn't have used the "Raw Politics" logo for the Gov. Christie segment. This was about his health, not policy issues or government decisions. I do believe some people will worry about Christie dying as President. But it becomes a non-issue if Christie has a spectacular Veep. Overall, it's too early to be talking about 2016 candidates.

The segment about Blackout Bowl could have been boiled down to a couple of sentences in the Bulletin.

No offense to Gary Tuchman, he's one of my favorites, but the segment about Richard III was way more interesting. Even taken Richard Quest out of it and having Ed Lavendera report it, it still was more interesting to me than the survivalist bunker guy. To be totally honest, my DH and I spent most of Tuchman's time talking about Richard III, which Anderson previewed at the end of the Blackout Bowl segment.

Quoting my DH, the church Richard III was buried at "was destroyed a while ago... which in England is like 300 years."

I was so happy to see Richard Quest report this story. Not belitteling Gary or Ed but Richard just had to do it. Loved the Shakespeare quotes. Thanks also to ATA for clipping the video here.

It would have been perfect if Isha was doing the Bulletin and she and her Brit compatriot Richard shared a "Tally Ho" or a "Hip Hip Cheerio" or whatever Brits say to annoy Americans like Anderson who aren't Monty Python fans.

The Ridiculist was pretty good. Most of those people were being ridiculous about the nude swimmer in the doggie calendar. The right way to handle the situation is -- kid tells you the swimming suit came off. You look at the swimming suit sticker and the "PAWS" page. You ask the kid "Do you want me to tape it back on or is it okay with it off?" If you don't make a big deal about it, the kid won't either. In short, I agree with the woman who said the whole thing was "harmless".


aries moon said...

Seems whenever there's a kidnapping/hostage situation AC360 always enlists the same people to discuss the subject. I don't care for John Walsh and the Elizabeth Smart story has never interested me so I skipped that segment.

I don't have an interest in Doomsday Preppers, they tend to have a certain mindset that is offensive and frankly I don't care if they lock themselves away forever in their caves.

The Richard III story was the only one that held my attention--Quest is kind of a loud clown and too over the top, but I did enjoy his report on how the find has sent Richard fans into a tizzy.

Most of the segments seemed to be lighter than normal on 360, or maybe that's my imagination, but there seems to be a subtle change going on.

Anonymous said...


To fat, or not to fat, that is the question:
Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The pangs of diet....

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the segment about the hostage and also the interview with the son of the killed bus driver, which was very touching.

The Mormon doomsday prepper have me a good chuckle. The things he could do with all that money he spends on his paranoia... But at least the guy seems unlikely to hurt anyone, unlike certain preppers and paranoid conspiracy nutters lately.

Loved the segment about Richard III. Richard Quest is such a wonderful weirdo. I wish they had skipped the bit about the Super Bowl, which doesn't interest me one bit, and spend more time on Richard III.

The ridiculist was fun as well. I really like when Anderson get all sarcastic about "scandals" like rude gestures at the Super Bowl or nudity. A (quite blurry) naked woman? What a shocker. Only in America.

Is it just me or do they talk less about international topics recently? Mali, Syria... isn't that one of Anderson's strengths?

Btw., I've always wondered why CNN doesn't use him more often for 60 Minutes-style assignments and documentaries. In fact I wonder why CNN doesn't produce more documentaries and specials. Maybe too expensive for just showing them once or twice? I'd really love to see something like Planet in Peril more often. They have the perfect staff for this and they definitely waste some potential there.

aries moon said...

@trampadoo, there does seem to have been a drop in international news on 360 and the story selection seems to be a little on the light side. I saw a tweet from Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor and publisher of The Nation magazine asking that Jeff Zucker set Anderson free--I thought she may have been implying that he's not currently doing the sort of reporting he's capable of at CNN.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: If that is what she meant then I couldn't agree more with her. Wasted potential drives me bonkers. We all know he is capable of absolutely riveting reporting and I doubt he particularly enjoys talking about the Super Bowl or politicians who might be "to fat to serve".

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Christie's weight is not a non-issue if he has a "great VP."
Christie is a Republican.
At the moment, do you know of any great Republicans?
I can't think of one., not even Christie.
Being a candidate alone is rigorous, as Hillary learned and being fit, as her husband learned, is part of the Presidency.
We all know it is a very demanding job, and every person that occupies the position gets grey earlier.
If Christie isn't up to it and doesn't lose weight, as a former NJ resident, he shouldn't run.

Anonymous said...

"wasted potential drives me bonkers."
Didn't Anderson waste his potential for two years on his day show? The topics alone were enough to drive me right out of the house and never watch.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:18 PM - I wholeheartedly agree there are few great Republicans. However there is one sort-of Republican guy I voted for back in 1990 in the Minnesota governor's race.

It was an incredibly dirty campaign, something my state isn't used to. The Democratic was incumbant Perpich and the Republican was John (or Jon?) Grunseth. During the state Republican convention, Arne Carlson battled Grunseth for the nomination. But the party decided Carlson wasn't Republican enough, he was too middle of the road and too liberal on women's issues.

So Perpich and Grunseth battled it out and slung incredible amounts of mud and 5#!+ at each other. At the last minute, sometime in late October, Carlson came back, "Hey, everybody! I'm running for Governor as an independent!"

Perpich wasn't that great and Grunseth was too right-wing for anybody not a far right-wing Republican. I voted for Carlson. And so did a majority (but not over 50% of the rest of the state. Carlson ran again as a Republican and easily won.

There's way more to this story; I haven't even mentioned the young teenage girls in the swimming pool or the awfully dirty Senate race between Boschwitz and Wellstone in 1990 ("Who's a bretter Jew?")


Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:21:

Since it was an additional job, a learning experience and something completely different compared to his usual jobs, no, I don't see it as wasted potential. Mainly because I don't see any potential in daytime talkshows at all, even the supposedly "good ones" and only watch them for the funny banter and the occasional interesting topic. Which admittedly doesn't get better when it is Anderson and Kelly. This is just entertainment.

And I wonder why you gave your opinion (read: polemics) on various episodes when you claim you never actually watched the show. Interesting...