Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 2/13/12




Anderson conducted interviews on the Dorner case with:
• Rick Heltebrake, hijacking victim
• Joel Rubin, reporter LA Times
•John Miller, former LAPD counter terrorism chief

FAMILY’S CABIN BECOMES CRIME SCENE: Randi Kaye reporting on Kyle Martin’s trip to Big Bear to see his burnt out cabin

9 DAYS OF TERROR: CNN’s Dan Simon presented an overview of the Dorner case and how social media is reacting
Follow up interview by AC with Brian Bentley, former LAPD officer
Discussion with John Miller


Anderson and Ali were the "Moment of Zen" on The Daily Show Monday night ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Anderson at the start, "Welcome to a special edition of 360, Nine Days of Terror, The Hunt for Christopher Dorner..." He made it sound like that would be the only news story for the entire hour and yep, that's what happened.

I know there are viewers who find the Dorner news story fascinating and compelling. Personally, I found out everything I wanted to know about Dorner during the last hour of the 'Situation Room' (which also covered the SOTU, Rubio, cruise ship fiasco, etc.) so I channelsurfed.

Thanks for the clip from 'The Daily Show'. The recent snowstorm coverage reminded me of Anderson saying on a couple talk shows regarding covering hurricanes, '...after the third hour you'd give anything for a waterproof Thesaurus, to find new words for wind and rain...' I thought the same thing about the long snowstrom coverage; the reporters this time looking for new words for wind, snow and cold.

It's been a while since Anderson has been on Colbert or Stewart (has he ever been on Stewart's show?). It would be awesome to see him talk to Stephen or Jon soon.


aries moon said...

Glad that 360 offered former LAPD officer Brian Bentley's perspective, but I could've done without the rebuttal by John Miller who has made his thoughts quite clear on several occassions already--I tend to believe that Bentley has it right about the problems that continue to plague the LAPD and the hostile mindset of some officers towards minorities within their ranks and the minority community as a whole. In spite of what Miller would have us believe, I don't think the changes within the LAPD have eradicated many of the problems that its had over the years or that minority officers get a fair hearing for their concerns. If one of the officers who was accused of beating Rodney King is still on the force and was a major player in tracking down Dorner, it says a lot about how some things haven't changed. Someone also needs to tell Miller marrying outside your race doesn't necessarily mean you're NOT racist or don't have negative feelings towards other races. Miller looks to be turning into another Fouad Adjami for 360--someone whose opinions AC probably shares, but at least they made an attempt to address the other side of the issue. I don't condone what Dorner did, but I do believe that some of concerns about the LAPD are completely justified.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the whole show because I was interested in the Dorner case so no complains here. The person who messed up and played the wrong audio footage at one point probably didn't sleep well last night, though. XD

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart always knows how to keep it real in his moments of Zen.
In fact he knows how to keep it real all the time, that's why he's lasted as long as he has and has won as many Emmys to prove it.
There is only one Jon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Anderson has been on Jon's program at least twice, promoting his book.
Many celebrities or personalities have reservations about going on TDS, even though it has gotten to be the place to go for demographics.
With Jon Stewart, as with Bill Maher, you never know just where they are headed during their interview.
After many years of watching him, his line of questioning is very detailed and he knows just what buttons to push and he will push them, confrontation does not bother him in the least.
He did it with President Obama, and he really doesn't care whether his guest is comfortable or not.
And the media in general, regards him highly as a result.