Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 2/27/13

8:00 PM HOUR:

A FATHER'S FIGHT: Anderson Cooper reporting
REMEMBERING JESSIE: Anderson speaks with Jessie's father, Neil Heslin

POPE'S FAREWELL TO THE FAITHFUL: Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour reporting
ACCUSED PRIEST ON THE RUN: Gary Tuchman reporting

Panel discussion with David Gergen, Margaret Hoover and Charles Blow

MORE PHONE SEX AND DIRTY SEX: Randi Kaye reporting from Phoenix
Follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Deborah Feyerick


10:00 PM HOUR:

Anderson, Nancy Grace, Mark Geragos, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Randi Kaye, Jean Casarez  and Jeffrey Toobin discussed the Jodi Arias trail

Don't forget tomorrow night's special programming:

"The Bully Effect: An Anderson Cooper Special" Premieres Thursday, February 28th
Special is part of week-long programming on CNN and

                 “The Bully Effect: An Anderson Cooper Special” chronicles the journeys of a bullied child, a grieving parent, a victim of violence, and a filmmaker turned activist. Each has become a powerful foot soldier in the high-stakes battle against bullying, inspiring a grassroots movement that has helped spark sweeping changes from school policies to state laws to federal legislation.
“The Bully Effect: an Anderson Cooper Special,” presented in partnership with Cartoon Network and Stop Bullying: Speak Up will premiere on Thursday, February 28th at 10pm ET. The special will re-air on Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm and on Saturday, March 9th at 8pm.
"Bullying can have devastating consequences for children, parents and educators, and I’m very proud of our continuing work to focus attention on it,” said Cooper. “Families, schools, and organizations across the country are wrestling with how best to address the often complex issues surrounding bullying, and we want to do all we can to help them in those efforts,” he added.
In the award-winning documentary “Bully,” filmmaker Lee Hirsch embedded himself in schools across America and captured footage so raw and eye-opening, it sounded alarm bells and helped create a tipping point about how critical the issue of bullying has become. But then something else happened. In the year since "Bully" was released, the people featured in it have all gone through profound personal transformations.
Viewers will revisit with three characters from “Bully”: Alex Libby, Kelby Johnson & Kirk Smalley. Alex, a 12 year old in Sioux City, Iowa, was confronted with slurs, threats and beatings on the school bus nearly every day. Today he has become an anti-bullying rock star with appearances on national television and a visit to the White House.
Ever since Kelby Johnson came out as a lesbian in middle school, her entire family has been treated like pariahs in their hometown. Kelby speaks about attempting suicide on three separate occasions. Now 19, Kelby says her participation in "Bully" empowered her to raise awareness about bullying targeted towards the most at risk population for suicide -– LGBT youth.
Kirk Smalley's story is both inspirational and heartbreaking. “Bully” introduced him as he buried his son Ty, days after he committed suicide. In “The Bully Effect,” Kirk channels his unbearable loss into a new calling: empowering kids to take a stand against bullying.
Since his film’s release, Lee Hirsch has been on a mission to start a social movement. He and his team launched The Bully Project, an organization created to inspire people to fight bullying. His goal is to get one million students to see “Bully” through their schools. Hirsch says, “We had this idea that if we can get a million kids to see the film, and their educators and their parents and the community, that would create an undeniable tipping point in our country. “  Lee Hirsch has also helped create an anti-bullying curriculum based on the film so that students, teachers and administrators can take action in their own communities after watching the film together. "The Bully Effect" tracks The 1 Million Kids movement, and also follows Hirsch back to his own middle school where he opens up about his personal history with bullying.
This original CNN documentary builds upon Anderson Cooper 360°’s EMMY award winning reports on the causes and impact of bullying across America. Charlie Moore is the executive producer of “The Bully Effect,” with Kerry Rubin as senior producer and Chuck Hadad as producer. Original music for "The Bully Effect" was created and performed by Justin Rice.
Exclusive footage, not seen in the special will be available on in addition to articles and a video blog from Anderson Cooper.  Viewers can join the Twitter campaign to promote bullying awareness by including the hashtag #bullyeffect in their tweets. Additional content related to cyber bullying, advice to parents, as well as exploring the culture of bullying can be found online at
Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up is an award-winning, multi-platform pro-social campaign, created with experts in the field to raise awareness, build partnerships and empowers young people to speak up against bullying safely and effectively. Campaign resources include video, print and online content—including a documentary introduced by President Barack Obama—available at, available at no charge to schools, community groups and parents to motivate bullying prevention activities or discussions.

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Anonymous said...

The 8pm hour of AC360 was pretty good as far as story selection. If they were doing a full hour on the trial at 10pm, then I would rather have seen a segment on the possible US backing of the Syrian opposition or the Supreme Court on the Voting Rights Act today, but it looks like Zucker has AC360 moving from hard news to tabloid news.

The one think I will say about the 8pm hour guests was that David Gergen flat out lied and lost what little credibility he had left with me. He stated that he's been blaming the Republican's for the last two years of Washington gridlock. I'm hoping The Daily Show rolls tape soon, because he seems to bash the President Obama White House/Administration almost every chance he gets. Maybe he's senile? He wasn't needed tonight anyway - they had a Republican and a Democrat on the panel and Gergen isn't independent - so a second Republican/third panel member wasn't needed.

The 10pm hour made me bang my head on my desk! Who's horrible idea was it to pair Nancy Grace with Anderson on AC360/CNN? Nancy Grace needs to stay on HLN as she is everything in an anchor Anderson abhors and doesn't want to be - "yelling her opinion" vs. presenting the facts and letting viewers make up their own mind. If this is a Zucker move, then I hope Anderson has a plan for when his contract is up. If this was a Ken Jautz move, then he needs to be fired yesterday instead of tomorrow.

I'm glad to see Anderson continue the coverage on the Catholic Church and have Christiane Amanpour as a guest. I was kind of hoping he would go to Rome, but I'm guessing the talk show has him tied down as they wrap up taping soon.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

I agree with Jenn. Why David Gergen would claim he's gone after Republican obstruction is beyond me--no one who has watched 360/CNN for the past few years would ever agree with that statement. Gergen's criticism of President Obama has been constant and he rarely calls out conservatives for their near unprecedented intransigence. Although Charles M. Blow and Margaret Hoover were on the panel, Gergen's negative commentary about President Obama seemed to take over the whole segment--why bother to bring in the other two guests if they don't get much an opportunity to give their perspectives? I had to laugh when AC said it was a "good discussion"--seemed to me that Gergen was the only one talking. Since Gergen can't even pretend to be non-partisan these days, they may as well label him a Republican commentator.

I'm not even sure 360 would've even done a report about the Voting Rights Act because they have never seemed very interested in reporting on voter suppression efforts by Republicans during the 2012 campaign. The one segment I saw on the subject was online only and seemed to have only featured the GOP side of things.

Yes, Anderson has done a talk show and takes a lot of heat for it, however, as a newsman, he is still far above having to be placed in the position of anchoring a sensationalistic hour with Nancy Grace. There are different rules for a daytime show and what type of subjects that can be taken on there and to see Anderson anchoring a show with the buffoonish and embarrassing Grace is very disappointing. Jeff Toobin certainly didn't need to be involved either. I guess this is where CNN's headed under Zucker--a bad sign for what's to come.

Anonymous said...

The 8PM show was pretty good, no complains there, even though like Jenn I am still missing the international topics.

The 10PM special was absolutely dreadful and I had to stop watching after about 15 minutes. Okay, actually only one thing was dreadful. It could have been a really good, interesting and entertaining discussion if not for that Nancy woman. Unbearable. I don't know who's idea that was but I can't imagine Anderson would have supported that. It looked like he had trouble controlling his facial expressions when she.. "talked".

The reactions on twitter were about 90% negative and I hope they have a way to see in the ratings that many people actually changed the channel during the couse of this. I still can't believe that they really had this person on, well knowing the effect she would have.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: You are absolutely right about David Gergen.
He has made negative comments on every aspect of this Administration and for him to make a "360" and say that he, of all people, blamed the Republicans for gridlock is laughable.
David Gergen needs to retire.
While he was once objective and clear minded, he is now utterly annoying and offensive.
And yes, it is the job of the anchor and the producer to get rid of those who tell falsehoods and trash this Adminstration whenever the opportunity arises.