Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, February 20, 2013

While Anderson continues his vacation (Jake Tapper was in the AC360 anchor chair tonight), we continue to take a break from covering the news of the day.  Tonight, we bring you the third segment of the Special Edition of AC360, "Hope Survives: 30 Years of AIDS" that originally aired January 14, 2011.

In the third segment, Phil Wilson, President/CEO, Black AIDS Institute, was in the studio and joined Sir Elton John and Mo'Nique in the discussion of how the African-American community has been hit especially hard by the virus and more on the stigma surrounding AIDS.

There was a funny moment at the end of the discussion between Anderson and Mo'Nique, along with two more individuals sharing their AIDS Moment.

We hope you join us tomorrow for the fourth installment of this look back at a Special Edition of AC360.

Happy 89th Birthday to Anderson's Mom, Gloria !

With Baby Anderson ~

From the Huffington Post today. (Please click on link for full article.)
Gloria Vanderbilt, Pioneer Of Designer Jeans, And Her Amazing Style

Besides being the mother of one of the most attractive men on television (yeah, we're talking about you, Anderson Cooper), Gloria Vanderbilt was an innovator and a pioneer in the field of fashion. The New York native started as a fine artist, but quickly branched into apparel and launched a line of designer jeans. Not only was Vanderbilt noted as an early developer of high-end denim, but she was also one of the first designers to make public appearances (before then, most designers remained exclusively behind the scenes).

In celebration of her 89th birthday (on Feb. 20), we are taking a look back at this influential designer's amazing style. Pictured here in 1954, Vanderbilt is seen looking gorgeous with a Decca long-play record. Her hair is delicately pulled off her face, while her thick brows and full lips show us that this lady is also a wiz in the beauty department. Her high-neck dress shows off her slim shoulders and the feminine pattern is perfect for spring -- too bad it's still so cold out.

And Anderson with Gloria at Ralph Lauren for her book signing in November 2011 ~

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